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Welcome to the K-8 Computer Science Teachers Community. This community is for those interested in teaching computer science to 5-14 year olds (K-8 in the US).

Please introduce yourself, share ideas/resources, and ask questions about teaching CS to 5-14 year olds. If you know other teachers who would be interested in this community, please invite them!

No advertising or job postings, please!

I had a participant in my workshop this Saturday ask me this question:

Our district is 1:1 with devices, so students have the ability to use their device outside the computer lab time. I know I can hide future lessons from students in a course. Is there a way to show a lesson during computer lab time, but hide it at the end of the period so they can't continue on unsupervised outside of class?

When you are in a class > manage students, to enroll a new student something weird is happening. If you type one student in at a time, makes up a username in the form firstname_lastname###. However if you put multiple students in a time (1 per line). The student goes in as you enter it. Why does this happen and can the teacher change the username to be what s/he wishes?

I had a participant in a workshop ask me this question:

I have assigned a class a particular course (e.g., Course C), but some students have completed all the lessons for this course. I'd like those "early finishers" to go on to Course D, while the rest of the class remains in Course C. Is there a way to do this?

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Another episode of #TheSuiteTalk is completed. Listen as I go over getting started with #Google #CSFirst and Scratch 3.0 information.

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We spoke with a local nonprofit about their initiative to give high school girls opportunities in tech that they hadn't had before. Listen in to the latest podcast:

Is there a calendar of upcoming twitter chats? Are they every Wednesday?

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The school year has started (or is about to) and ​#csk8 chat is back. Please join us on Twitter this week on Wed, 9/5, at 5pm PT / 6pm MT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET for the first #csk8 chat of the 2018-19 school year. Let's Get This Year Started!
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