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I'm sick of the overwhelming ignorance of the useful idiots supporting an outright ban on firearms in the USA.
I'm even more annoyed by the people who entirely understand that it would literally destroy the USA and therefore western civilisation in its entirety.
You're being fooled by anti western communists.
Stop being a useful idiot.
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"Sick of hearing "in spite of Brexit..." all the fucking time.
Jacob Rees-Mogg was made out to be a liar and a fool on QT, well here's the evidence!
We've all heard it, we've all seen it, so why on Earth did they feel the need to lie about something so public and so easily checked?

Here's Dimbleby and Mark Carney attacking Rees-Mogg on QT.

Here's links to more examples -

Importantly, analysis confirms it -

And bias -

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I have something important to tell people. Something no one speaks about.

There's a concensus among scientists on global warming and that it's happening, right?
I mean, there's a consensus. Well there's another concensus among scientists regarding climate change and that's the fact that it is admittedly already to late to stop the ice caps from melting!
There's complete concensus that even if humans were to stop producing more carbon right now, the earth will still warm to the point that the icecaps will melt.
Total fact.
So tell me - why is it that all politicians don't constantly lobby to get cash to build sea defences?
Why isn't that their answer to the global warming problem?
So, why is it that they aren't constantly pushing massive programs about digging ditches and building sea walls?!
Why are they so committed to reducing carbon emissions even though all the scientists agree that its already too late?
To truly save all those coastal cities, we would have to reverse all our carbon emissions and start magically reabsorbing carbon at a massive rate
So why aren't they constantly going on about sea defences instead of carbon emissions?!

Well, I know why, and here it is!

Imagine if you had a magic genie offer to you a binary choice between either living your life in the job you have now, the same life you have now, or you could live in a world where the economy has massively collapsed like Venezuela but worse, tens of millions of people out of work, but only you'd be totally in charge of your own country, or even a country of your choosing, or the world even, but only you're fully in charge, with all the power, the military is yours to command, bodyguards, any nice houses you want are yours, you could walk into any house, mansions, Chatsworth house or some palace or other and own it, use it as your home and Base of operations - total and complete power!
Power to make the economy work how you want, tell the military what you want, whatever!
Would you do so?
A lot of people would immediately choose the latter. They'd choose to be the ruler of the planet earth even if it was just half as developed as it is now.
Those people are called politicians!
They only care about being the ones in power no matter what the cost, and if the economy collapsing is what happens then at least they'll be in control when it happens! This is what socialism is really all about - gaining power.
This is what causes massive wars. It's what causes socialism and fascism - they want power at all costs!
That's why left wing authoritarians constantly talk about controlling businesses and more regulations in law to prevent them trading freely according to the markets, and it's why we have carbon taxes for global warming.
In the long run it won't help global warming whatsoever, we'll all see cities in ruins...
Everywhere will.
But to them at least they'll be in control of the businesses and the people, and they'll have everyone subdued, and the security forces to keep us all in line!


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Live life as you are, now, unchanged.
Be in total control of halved economy

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Interesting... Saved here for posterity.
Originally shared by ****
Maria G Modafferi age 54
Also known as: Maria G Candela 
From: Davie, FL2857 Oak Park Cir,Davie, FL 33328 (954) 345-8403
Previous Addresses:
350 70th Ave A, Plantation, FL 33317,
3942 Lake Estates Dr, Davie, FL 33328,
1225 Riverside Dr #107, Coral Springs, FL 33071,
2801 121st Ave, Sunrise, FL 33323,
7520 5th St #204, Plantation, FL 33317,
1605 91st Ave, Coral Springs, FL 33071,
9776 Shadow Wood Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33071,
9776 14th St, Coral Springs, FL 33071,
11454 Royal Palm Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33065,
1034 Coral Club Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33071,
194 Beacon Ave, New Haven, CT 06512
6217 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204
Associated Names: Maria Grace SperoPossible Relatives: James M Candela,
Stella J Candela,
William J Candela,
Dawn L Spero,
Mitchell Epsyd Spero,
Rocco L Candela,
Grace M Spero,
Dawn L Spero
Other Phone Numbers:
(954) 587-7520,
(954) 423-4060,
(954) 345-5265,
(305) 341-3296

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Ah, right. I get it.
So lots of people who work in those industries should be fired, and a lot of other people should be hired.
Because of their skin tone.
Right, because of course that's not in any way racist at all!
We should sack most basketball players and replace them with white men. Right?
In the UK, we should fire hundreds of thousands of female nurses and care workers and then replace them with men.
How about sacking 99.9 percent of builders and electricians and plumbers and coal miners, and hiring women instead?
We'll give those blokes jobs working beyond makeup counters and in old people's homes and orphanages, right?
Sounds like a fantastic idea!

Tell you what, if you want equality of outcome, why not give me your job?
Seems all the cracked writers are white.
I'm not.
I deserve your job.
Give it to me. Because of my skin tone.
Not racist at all, I'm sure.
You people are disgusting bigots and I'm sick of hearing this shit.

Let's break it down -
1. The fashion industry in Europe.
Europe is overwhelmingly white.
So apparently marketing to your market is racist?
Also, the message here is "having predominantly white models = racist"?

2. 16 instances of racism in an industry that consists of literally millions of people.
The perpetrators were published.
Needn't add any more.

3. "Craft Brewing Is Still Mostly White Guys With Beards"
Who drinks it?
Yet again, "white = racist"
And why mention beards?
Basketball stars are predominantly black with short hair.
Those awful close cropped racists!
But that's not racist, because? What?
If your logic is inconsistent, it's because it's wrong.

4. Theatre.
Again, how is this racist?
Not as many black people want to act on stage.
Not as many white people play basketball and want to be basketball stars.
Why is one racist and the other not?
Also, "#OscarsSoWhite" the amount of awards won was perfectly in line with the population demographics and this is STILL something you racists blabber on about?!
If it was 100% black people, you'd complain it's racist against Chinese people!
But rhe MOBOS, which actively discriminate according to race? That's fine... Because only white people are racist. Right?

5. "a certain sport used to be mostly white people"
Well even by your own Idiotic collectivist racist reasoning, this was only racist until the 90's!

6. Childrens literature mainly written by white people about their predominantly white culture contains predominantly white people?
Tell me, what is restricting black people from writing and publishing anything they want to?
I contend that it's nothing.
Again, assuming racism isn't proof of racism.
It is in fact RACIST!

I'm sick of being lectured to by a bunch of middle class, white racists about how everything is racist!
It's hypocritical. It's transparent.
And it's utterly racist. 
Plenty of industries are still whiter than an all-you-can-eat mayonnaise buffet at a New England model train convention.
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