I can't seem get the music card to work for aviate. I have pro and that other music app installed. Now what? Also, can it be used to control spotify, or just Google play?

Hi, general question, how i can add these cards to aviate launcher?

Glad to help. I found a "loading" status on the calendar for two times, disappeared only when opened and closed zooper, but maybe was just an exception. I'll report if it happen again.

Update 1.4 should be live on the Play Store soon.  Corrected issue with iconset on the Weather Card showing day icon at night for a few rainy conditions.

Thanks for the catch +Paolo Pulze 

Rain icons is not showing up in weather widget, maybe is just mine. I could choose the zw weather icons, but I prefer the tick weather icons.

Nice job guys... looks really sharp and easy to implement. Looking forward to updates

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Updated to include a Search widget at +Ross Walker request!
Update can be found on the Play Store:

Updated Aviate Cards to 1.3

I found a bug with the Media Control Icons and corrected it.  It should be live on the play store momentarily.

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First project, Aviate Cards, has been added to the play store. #zooperwidgetpro Required.  Enjoy!
Hopefully there is more to come!

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