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Sorry for the incredible delay !
There is a new version 2.1.0.

It uses the last support libraries 22.1.1.
Other updates will be pushed soon.

Hello guys i am new to android cards, can any one help me on how i can build a poc app using CardLibs

Hi Gabriele,

Is there a way to dismiss/undo a card by clicking on the header menu? So far I delegated the onclick event from the header listener to the layer of card definition before adding to cardlist.

I have the cardlist im fragments, swiping them to dismiss confuses the user when trying to change fragment (with viewpager).


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I would like to use MaterialLargeImageCard with it.gmariotti.cardslib.library.recyclerview.view.CardRecyclerView.

The problem is, that the image is hidden?
Have anyone an idea to fix it?

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to use the CardListDragDropView but i haven't the same behaviour as in the demo application.
The cards are always draggable, not only after a long item click and sometimes an exception is thrown by the DynamicListView due to the startDragging() in the OnItemLongClickListener defined in the CardListDragDropView.
Some ideas ?


How i can search in recyclerview cards?

This piece of code from ScrollView would be a good addition to most any OnExpandAnimatorEndListener. It scrolls just enough to bring the newly expanded portion of the card onto the screen.

if (mScrollView!=null && mScrollViewChild!=null) { mScrollView.requestChildFocus(mScrollViewChild, cardView); }

Hi, is it possible to customize space between native cards (CardViewNative's) without being obliged to surround its xml layout with a LinearLayout block ?

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I was planning to use android's dataBinding ( with cardslib, if anyone has a working sample with Cardslib that'd be really helpful! (I tried a very basic version of creating an inner_item_view layout that would contain the binding, and trying to bind the model in `setupInnerViewElements`, but it resulted in blank items -- probably something got to do with binding not being executed at right point in time, forcing `binding.executePendingBindings()` didn't help too)

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Hi, I need a little help, this is my code -> The selected line currently does not work as the referenced views found here ( are null at the time of call. I want to know how to wait for CardListView to finish inflation.
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