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By now I'm sure you've heard plenty of this:

You: Logic\facts


You: More logic/facts

Moron: You know what, logic eludes you! I'm done here! Deletes all comments because this fucktard became a mod somehow

Well here that is a thing of the past! This is a community for intelligent debate, no morons allowed!

However there are rules involved, which can be found in the community description.


You can open up an open discussion topic, Just post this (example):

Open Disscussion: Topic of Gay marriage. Claim, Gay marriage should be illegal. Discuss.

Anyone can comment on this post.

Then there is formal debate, No one can comment but the two people debating. EXEPT for notifications. Post this:

Formal debate: Topic of gay marriage. +Caleb Andrew and +Issc, gay marriage should be illegal, begin.

Formal debates last for two days or until someone forfeits. There IS a declared winner which is decided in a vote from the community members, which I will post.

If you have any questions just comment below and I will do my best to answer them.

Happy debating!

Questions about freedom of expression verses discrimination? Which one or more of the following examples should be illegal? Why if yes to any?

1. Is a photographer that only does baby photography age discriminating against adults when they refuse to do anything other than baby photography?

2. Is an Atheist wedding planner that only does secular weddings discriminating against religious people when they refuse to do any type of church weddings for anyone?

3. Is a black jeweler discriminating against white police officers if they refuse to make a "blue lives mater" pendant for anyone when they make "black lives mater" pendants all the time?

4. Is a white jeweler discriminating against black people when he refuses to make a "black lives mater" pendant for anyone yet makes "all lives mater" pendants all the time?

5. Is a Jewish jeweler discriminating against Christians if he refuses to make a Cross pendant for anyone yet makes Star of David pendants all the time?

6. Is a Christian jeweler discriminating against an LGBT person if they refuse to make an LGBT pendant for anyone?

7. Is a baker discriminating against an LGBT customer if the baker refuses to make any LGBT themed cake for anyone?

8. Is a book store that sales only Christian themed books discriminating against others by not having a stock of Jewish or Muslim books?

9. Is a baker that makes only Christian themed cakes discriminating against others by not providing other type cakes like a gay themed wedding cake (groom and groom topper)?

10. Is a photographer that only does male model photography sex discriminating against females when they refuse to do anything other than male model photography?

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"Girls as young as nine are seeking surgery on their genitals because they are distressed by its appearance, the Victoria Derbyshire show has been told...

Labiaplasty, as the surgery is known, involves the lips of the vagina being shortened or reshaped....

Some experts fear that pornography and images viewed through social media are leading young girls to have unrealistic perceptions of how their genitals should look."

But the Feminist sexual revolution was liberating for women and girls right? Interesting how I've never heard of a rise of men wanting surgery on their genitals from "watching too much porn etc".

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Freedom of religion and separation of church and state, are two equally important American values. After all, corruption is higher where governments restrict religious freedom. So what happens when the two intersect?

Let's examine 3 recent examples. Are these truly violations of religious rights? Where is that line?

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Resolved: Heterosexual marriage should not be sanctioned by the state because it is a religious act, like baptism and circumcision.

Is everyone dead

I want to have a formal debate with someone over the existence of god. Does any theist want to argue for god?

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Should prostitution be legal.
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Topic: Should the federal government meddle in people's personal/social lives?
(i.e. Abortion, marriage)
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