Hello. I love this app. Is it possible to switch between a guitar chord and a guitar scale? Currently it shows the piano chord and guitar scale. When writing I use this app all the time but I have to switch apps to maybe lookup a complicated guitar chord.

This might be my lack of music theory rather than a problem with the app. In the circle of 5ths when I select ionian mode with the root as F, I see GM as the I chord. Also I tried aeolian D I see F# as the I chord.

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Version 1.2.0 of the Music Companion app is beta released with few bug fixes.

Install Music Companion beta from Google Play Store by clicking the following link:


Suggestion: in the chords and scales section it would be great to be able to reorder the chord into progressions to analyze the chord tones.

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Music Companion version 1.1.7 released with many missing scales. Scales are now grouped according to Modes. A few bugs are fixed for better user experience.


Any tutorials for this useful app... Am new beginner....

I noticed that there are many scales to learn but in my opinion the main scales are harmonic major and harmonic minor. Am I right. If I maid mistake just tell me.

Great App and I have an unusual but useful request for the scale practice.
Transposition. So, as a clarinetist, I'm not playing in C, so when practicing scales with the app it displays everything one tone lower.

Ive been working with the double harmonic minor scale for some time. And using the chords from the scale was super useful. Thanks for making such a cool program.

I like your app. Pretty thorough, it covers a lot of ground in a concise manner. Thanks for its development, and continued support.
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