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My Second Android Game. Please provide your feedback and review. I appriciate your help and encouragement. Thanks in Advance.

Protect the Light - Avoid Black Dots, Capture White/Light Dots.
Swipe on Screen to control the Shield.

The Light Vs Dark Game is a simple game with easy controls but hard to master. The game is to protect the light at the center which will be attacked by black dots from all directions randomly. You will have a shield which can be controlled by simple 'Left to Right' or 'Right to Left' swipe on screen , to reflect back the attacking black dots.

When the Light is hit by black dot then the brightness of the light will decreased and the range of view will be decreased which increases the difficulty of the game. And when brightness decreases to zero then the game will end.

There are white glowing dots which will be coming randomly to help to increase the brightness of the light. You shall allow the white glowing dots to hit the Light in the center to increase the brightness of the light.

Score increases as the number of black dots are reflected back by the shield.

Leaderboard is added to compete with people all over the world and prove you are the best.

Light Vs Dark is Unique, Simple, Exciting, Cool game to play to pass the time and shift your mood.

*Challenges the reflexes.
*Quick Decision making.
*Cool Graphics.
*Ultra Easy Controls.
*Simple to Understand.

Enjoy the Game Light Vs Dark and please provide your feedback in the reviews.

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Does anybody have experience making BIG game maps??

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Create 3D Games with #Unity #Programming

Learn to make a working game with Unity, from square one all the way through to publishing!

Need help...(unity2d)
Please help me with my new unity project,
Want to make an water fountain wich initiate on tap, if i rapidly tapping fountain go high and if normal tap fountain maintain its normal hight... On the top of the fountain there will be a ball which can be go up and down coz of fountain...
How to do that please help me..

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There can be no better thing than making games this is My Hands on Unity and First try, Simple Addicting Game.
Please share your valuable feedback and do point out my mistakes so that I can learn. :) 

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Top AR And VR Devices You Must Know in 2016

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