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Steps of start earning:


1. Computer or laptop
2. Internet connection

Creating Online bank account:
At first you need an online bank account which is simple to create and free also. You can make account on Payza, Payoneer, Paypal etc (Pay pal is not available in Pakistan). There are also rest others but these are my trusted ones. Steps are below:

1. Open this link it will lead to Payza original page (beware there are Phishing sites) that’s why I have provided link which will also be provided to you when you signup for referring others. Now to make account click on menu and then on sign up. Click on Personal and fill your details and it must be true because your money transactions will be sent to you at your address if you want to.

2. Now the email you provided in the form must be true as a mail will be sent to you.

3. Your account will be activated after clicking the link which you received in email.

4. This is done you are now ready to earn.

Boosting your income:

It’s a fact that these sites give low salary for your home based work but they on other hand provide facilities of boosting your income. Every site has its many things in common and some specialty also. You can boost your income by 3 ways, select one or both is up to you.

1. Work daily that is see ads daily on all sites it will take 1 hour approx. depending on internet speed. 

2. Refer others by your link so when your referred members will see ads some amount will be paid to you as commission.

3. Upgrade to double your income.

Special sites:

Some sites like clixsense, buxvertise, cashnhits provide special ways to earn which will benefit them as well as you. Now details of their speciality:

1. Clixsense: This site is trustworthy and an elite site which has a reputation among all ptc sites. It provides daily ads as well as provide offers of matomy, peanut labs and surveys to earn more. They will get their commission and you’ll get yours. Its payout limit is 6$.

2. Cashnhits: This site is above all in providing ways of different earnings. It provides daily ads in addition to matomy and peanut lab and other offers plus it also provides fb like ads, offer wall, ptc wall, ptc minute wall, video ads etc. This site gives a boosted income daily. Payout is at 2 $.

3. GPT Planet and Scarlet clicks: These sites are of same owner but a user can be member of both. Its speciality is that it provides ads as well as ptc wall. On ptc wall there are unlimited ads the more you click the more you earn. There payout limit is 1$ and 1.5$ respectively.

4. Buxvertise: This site provides ads, offers and bux wheel where you can spin wheel and earn points. When point reach to 2000 site will ask you to convert it to 1 $. It payout is at 3$

5. Donkey mails: This site provides paid mails as well as ads and other offers. Its speciality is that it allows very low payout of 1.5 $ for payza and .5% for paypal.

6. Neo bux: This site is also elite one, provide ads and offers with a minimum payout of 2$

7. Useclix: This site is special because it provides more ads than other sites. Its payout limit is 4 $.

After upgrading your account on all these sites your earning ratio will be doubled. For example if you are earning 0.001 $ for one ad than you’ll earn 0.01$ for it and number of ads will also get increased. Also your referral clicks earning will also be doubled. Soto boost your income you must refer and then upgrade. Trust me you can earn till 5 to 10$ from single site per day.

To identify such fake sites and differentiate among real and fake site read the topic just below:

PTC Scam: 

Now to identify which site is worth to give your precious time is simple. You just need to search the name of site on google and check users review for these sites. Such users can be you and me there reviews are worth because they have spent there time on such sites. If user reviews for particular site are good and maximum people say that it is a legit site than put forward your step to register. Now to identify a fake site these are features of scam/fake sites:
1. They will claim to pay you 1 dollar for viewing 1 ad. Such site is scam as high amount is not paid because the owner receives max 10 to 20 $ for one month advertisements, how he can pay 1 dollar to each what will be his benefit than so its fake site.

2. Site that wants you to deposit some amount to register on their site. Remember you are working you are providing your precious time to view ads you should receive payment you should not be giving payment.

3. That claims 100$ per day, 10$ per day or high amounts.

Now features of legit sites:

1. They will pay in cents like 0.01, 0.001 even 0.002, 0.005,0.0001 etc. But after upgrade you’ll receive double of it.

2. These sites are free to sign up.

3. They don’t claim high amounts of money.

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I have uploaded pdf version of complete guide on how to earn via internet. Just click the link skip ad and download..:-)

This community is made to help all beginners who want to earn from internet. There is no shame in telling this that I have been scammed a lot of time. Many sites claim to give money for your time to do specific jobs but they after fulfilling their target kicks you off by either shutting down website or not sending your money for your work. That’s why I have created this community to benefit myself as well as all members or individuals viewing this community.

There are many ways to earn from internet like Trading, website traffic earning, advertising, clicks earning etc, all the ways require some knowledge related to that field but the only easiest way is PTC. PTC means paid to click that is you need to just view advertisements for few seconds and you’ll get paid.


Benefits of such sites:

1. If sites are legit then they will pay you for your time you take to view their ads while you are at your home. So it’s a home based job.
2. No requirements of extra course or talent u just need Computer or laptop if you can afford one and one internet connection.
3. Income is slow first then it increases by taking certain easy measures.

Demerits of such sites:

1. As there are good peoples there are bad peoples too so similarly there are different sites which are scam or fake sites. They promise to pay but do not pay for your work.  Details to why they do that and how to identify such sites is below in PTC Scam section.
2. Income is slow at first but it’s fixed and you can make it more by following steps given below in Boost income section.
Now if any one reading this is sensible then some question arises in mind that 
1. What is the benefit for the owner of such sites? 
2. Why they pay us to view ads?
3. Are they real?


What is the benefit for the owner of such sites? Owner is in benefit from both ways. Imagine any advertiser, now he takes a contract from any new or old firm (it can be any company or institute) to advertise it by commercials, banners in real life on banner boards, Tv channels or internet. The difference in real life and internet advertising is that in real world the advertiser got pays from first party who wants to advertise their firm and he to accomplish this work hires some men to place banners, to act in commercials and pays some websites to show ads. Now if the advertiser received 1000 dollars from the firm owner than his benefit will be in this way: He will pay for example 200 dollar to two men for placing banners in respected area, he’ll pay 100 dollar to website and 200 dollar he spent on commercial if animated than less. So his earning was 1000 dollar he spent 500 dollars and amount left is 500 dollar for just advertising. Rest of the man got their share as per their work. Similarly a legit PTC owner is advertiser that is paid to advertise different ads for which he got paid previously. Take an example of a largely famous PTC site Clixsense. Now this site is legit and really pays. The owner receives different payments from different owners of different sites, depending on for how long ads will be shown to how many members. Also the one who pays monitor that the traffic for which he paid is coming to the site or not. Now if Clixsense receives 4 dollars for 3 days advertising than he will pay its ten members 0.001$ for viewing advertisement for 5 seconds. So 0.001x10=0.01$. Now look both:

Members benefit:
He/she from home earns 0.001$ for viewing one ad. Clixsense provides 15 to 20 ads of 5 seconds each of 0.001 $ and also 1 ad of 0.01$ of 30 seconds timer, each of different websites (for which clixsense got payment to advertise).So the total daily earn for member will be 0.001x15=0.015$+0.01$=0.025 for just 105 seconds or 1 minute and 45 seconds from 24hours. So just in this time to view ads we got paid.

Owners benefit:
If owner is paid 4$ to show ads then this will be its income: 0.001$ for each 10 members to view ad for 5 seconds. So 0.001x10=0.01. Total expenditure is 0.01$ and benefit to owner he gets traffic to his website plus he receives 3.99 $.
This clears question 1. Now Why they pay? The site owner also wants traffic on its website and he has committed to the payer that he will show ads to quoted members for which he received amount. So to fulfill his commitment he pays members to view ads so the payer gets his traffic and advertiser receive its traffic plus payment and viewer receives his share for what he viewed and time he gave from his precious time. So time is money in these sites.
Now question 3 Are they real? The answer is easy. If there are 100 PTC sites than only 10 will be legit and will pay rest will be fake or scam sites. In the next post i will tell you ways to identify fake sites.
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