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Name: Zach Wolf
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Likes: to have fun
Dislike: Bullies
Bio: His parents died then he was 14 so he was on is own ever seen then.

Name: Bella Wolf
Gender: female
Likes: To be with her friends
Dislike : bullies
Bio: she was 12 her parents died she was with her brother until she 15.

( you pick from this 2 that u want me to for the rp and yes u can do this rp on hangouts but i want a profile pic of who u r and all about them ok)
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"We'll see the sea again together right?" (Y/N) smiled and looked at me with eyes that sparkles like stars, eyes that were filled with hope and happiness being with her childhood friend again. She always keeps a smile despite any troubles she encounters.. I personally admired (Y/N) because of this, she can be the moon during the darkest of night which is something i cannot even do. I answered (Y/N)'s question in a positive note even though it was something that i cannot give a exact answer too. (Y/N) liked swimming from the day she was born. The doctors said she have a fine set of lungs which she apparently inherited from her grandfather. That was at least 8 years ago when we were 10. She would often sneak out of her house during afternoons just to be able to play with me or swim in the nearby lake which is not too deep. She also saved me once and in a effort to be able to help her, i became her bestfriend since then. She also performed miraculously at school and passed with flying colors. Whoever i managed to pass to although with the lowest grade unforunately. (Y/N) also came from a rich family who despises the poor people as a result. They made sure she never makes poor friends. But this didn't affect her at all so she kept her friendship with me secretly.

//Present day//

I was working for a restaurant as a waiter at the age of 19 just fresh out of college. I was working there for the night shift which was 6-12 pm according the agreement i signed to work there. (Y/N) was the managed of the restaurant as her family owned all branches of the restaurant called (You name the restaurant). The restaurant had a five star rating from all over the world as a result. (Y/N) also kept things up and running and always checked up on me that was until that accident. I was carrying things towards the costumers. Unbeknownst to us there was a critic among them. I was carrying mushroom soup which were 5 bowls in my left hand carrying the circle plastic tray. Afterwards i accidentally slipped on a wet floor and spilled the contents of the soap to the critic. The critic immediately walked to the bathroom afterwards. (Y/N) immediately rushed to the critic and looked at him. The critic immediately said. "Fire your lousy waiter. I'm a critic." I looked down in disbelief and slowly got up before going to the employee's only room and (Y/N) approached me and said.

3+ liners.
(To ask for pp just say "May I Help?")
No godmodding (Its okay if its only a small detail like the color of the soup spilled on my shirt or anything like that but actions is not good)
Slice of Life and Romance is the genre. (Slow Romance please.)
My rp name is Ray.
State the name of your OC and the name of the restaurant before rp. Also give a brief description of your character or post a profile.
No Magic.
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If any of u feel like you want to role play with someone on hangouts because you really don't want to role play on here just let who ever role playing with know plz

All please make a profile before role-playing!
~Ms. Paighton Mari

Hi im new and love pie!!!!

Hello Owner!
As the Second Person To Join May I Be A Mod?
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