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A dictator tries to ease us into his radical policies by singing "Sexy & I know it." LOL
I love THE song BUT NOT obama dictator.
PS I'm Gay so I KNOW SEXY when I SEE IT: Obama is NOT in the LEAST BIT SEXY! Obama is SO BY FAR THE FURTHEST AWAY from sexy I've ever seen.
As a Gay dude,
I can say with certainty that Obama is NOT in the LEAST BIT sexy. I like the song but not Obama the dictator. Barack Obama Singing Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO:

this is cool

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Come meet our real life group of riders... We have members all of the states and were always looking to grow! Check us out with the link below.... Have a blessed day everyone!

Morning riders! How's everyone doing?!

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I thinking of finding a Honda Rebel. My thought if I uncomfortable with the bike under me then I dont need to be trying to learn to ride one.. I may try this year.. hmmm
So what's everyone riding? I have a 97 Kawi Vulcan 1500 and I tear it up around town on an 88 rigid mounted sportster... They both keep me pretty busy lol

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Can't say I won't at one time be able to catch a ride with anyone but I did want to wish you a safe and blessed on the rides you take this year. Hugs :)

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I know I haven't been around for a while and I apologize for that. The group looks like its grown quite a bit... That's awesome! But don't forget this is just a front page to our real group with real riders! Check us out and get to know people that you can actually call your family and ride with!!

So I was out yesterday chasing Thor on my iron steed... Obviously just far enough behind to not get drenched... It's a truly awesome feeling to here that boom on two wheels knowing your riding along side the gods!!

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This was the most recent bike blessing. It was held in Illinois by SERA. Great group of people!
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