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yo mafia sans thank 4 accepting me! :)

sans u see a box moving

open it?

Yes. Or. No

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Another question
I kinda ..... Wanted to give you and mafia tori these flowers and new me 
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Omg I was literally reading a mafiatale comic right before I was invited XD THE FATES ARE WIH US!!! XD cant breathe anymore lol also just an image!

Welcome new Members!! Feel free to ask any questions!!

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This is for mafia sans....
What do you think of your edgy counterpart from UnderFell?
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Hey Mafia Tori And Sans i request a battle

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I'm new but um
Mafia sans
Do you want to play w/ all universes of me?
Also guess all men's here 
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Hi I'm new
Hey sans do u like Frisk?
Plz no ship hate
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