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Rule 1. No Spam or you'll be removed from the community
Rule 2. No insulting any other members of the community
Rule 3. You may post pictures of anything that involves either Doctor Who or My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.
Rule 4. If you insult me or any of my friends you shall be Banned from this community for at least a month
Rule 5. If you post a non question in "Ask The Master" then please note it will be deleted.
Rule 6. Have Fun

worst mistake ever made?

What the fuck is a Sonic!?!

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Hello my friend wait question question snap fingers and a piece of paper and glasses appears ah here do you have the hots for the doctor

Your friendly spirit of chaos


Shade: master, I have a friend that told me you were looking for a slave. If so I would be willing to fill in that position~

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(Now for only next month. You get to ask the other Regenerations of The Master. Including The Mistress)
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so master hows the quest to rule the universe going?

I have a Question how are you supposedly taking over the world i mean you just don't seem up to it considering how meany time's the doctor's out smarted you you realize he just might stop you again right?

Do u lik tacos

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Why hello there~ I heard you like both genders and as do I. 
So I have a question then, If I asked you on a date would you consider it~
smirks to himself Names Swifter Lane but you can call me Swift~
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