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Attention Guys! I just talked with GoPlushy Earlier! we have a lot of changes! some may be good or bad. lets list the updates

-Turnbased will due with alot of coding so we will make it like it's in Zelda
-Custom Items are still in it! no xp though, it would be too complex.
-Bosses are still here but the Worlds are cutdown.
-Cutscenes may still be introduced
-Anyone can help but you can only make good models!
Thats pretty much it. You may start posting.

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The game is gone, Dallas + is dead, here's a lenny for now.
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rip this community

Rest In peace, mario.

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Item Idea: Space's FINAL MISSION

How to Unlock: Crazie Daisy's shop

What It does: Kill one of your teammates (can be revived) and kills One enemy in No turns. On the dot. When you use the item, it kills the enemy instantly. Why it kills one of your teammates is because a person has gotta pilot it.

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Sprites for Space's FINAL MISSION
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LOL i just noticed warrun's dad is in the background

where is update
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