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BTW u can ask questions now to:
Chain, Spot, Girl Foxy, Toy Foxy, Phantom Toy Freddy, Plush Freddy, Unknown, Maranette, Puppetior, and me!
plz do and I make a vid involving ur question most likely :3

just to let you know guys if I get 10 questions or dares I will make the first Ask & Dare so yeah

Hey phantom toy freddy~ u single??


Can u guys not think of any questions I want 2 make a Ask &b Dare vid but can't without dares or questions
plz ask or dare a character mentioned thank u

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Characters 4 the Ask & Dare series
Plz use em :)
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BTW I will show u how this will go EXC:

Random person: Kitty who's ur fav animatronic?
Kitty: ENNARD I love ENNARD IDK y but I do

I will put that as a reply but it can also be like this:

Random person: Phantom do u mind being short?
Phantom: no not really yet being made fun of is annoying

Phantom will be introduced later k

so plz do it like that & plus u can ask another question following that 1 asked earlier(can be someone else's question doesn't have 2 be urs K)
plz do it like this PLZ!!!
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