How large of a file can I upload?  If i wanted to break a digital video into parts can I sell more then one part per page?  or will I have to create a new page for each part? What is the max amount of files can I upload with a 20 page purchase ?

I need to be able to talk with someone or do a live chat. Is there somewhere I can do this?

I just learned of your product. Will this act as a "landing page" to collect email and addresses?

Thank you

..Hi Guys,
just about to jump not sure which way..big question?..What is the real difference and benefit between your set up  and lead pages?
All My Best Glen

Hi there,

one more Q?...can i use your basic Pulse membership and put my Logo on your /my landing pages..if so i am in...cheers,Glen

Hi there I just found out about Megaphone a few days ago and very much interested. I do have a few questions:

1. Can I add a FACEBOOK conversion pixel on your Thank You templates?

2. Can I also add a FACEBOOK "Like" button on your Thank You Templates?

3. Can you tell me your pricing structure and what's included?

Thank You

Just to clarify, will each of the pages provided in the membership provide an email opt-in dialog or can I only have one?  For example, if I wanted to run multiple campaigns can I have each page collect email addresses?   Thanks

Can I use Megaphone as my website when I'm not running campaigns?  I was building a plan based on Brendon Burchard's marketing funnel but was confused if the Evergreen page becomes my page.  I guess all the different moving pieces with a landing page/funnel, CRM/Shopping Cart, standard website, etc.

Hi Guys, love what i see so question is....

...can i brand my pages?..can i use my logo?..can i make my opt i and landing pages etc congruent with my webpage..?

I'm about to build my first website when I learned about Megaphone today.  I have 3 important q's.
1) Would a Megaphone opt-in page (or any Megaphone page) simply be a page under your existing URL?  
2) How can I get the other pages on the website so that the look and feel of the Megaphone page(s) aren't totally different?  
3) Is Megaphone compatible with Wordpress?
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