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(Open RP For Two,Foot Fetishism,Footjob,Foot Worship)

Jack Gorgon Was Called Up By A Random Group Of People For A "Special"Kind Of Test....After Waiting For 30 Minutes,He Didn't Realized What He Was About To Learn Why He's Always The Submissive Gorgon In Death City....

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Name: David
Last name: Dead
Fact: I want to die
Bio: unknown
Age: 15
Likes: none
Loves: none
Dislikes: life
Hates: life

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At the talent show u see me singing the song and u were my friend but u thought I would be disqualified at the start before I sung but now u think I'll make it very far u never known my talent till now and I come walking ur way hey

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You were Queen Zelda's son, Zel. I was the daughter of Link, Lin. It was 18 years after Hyrule was saved from evil. Your mother sends you to Ordon Village, where you will hold a conference with Link, the new mayor. As you entered Faron Woods, you see me battling some monsters. You...

This rp is only for those who have played Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. it is a sequel that I have been dying to make. Please say one of the game's unique character's names, and I will accept you. Thanks!
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(no pictures again, but I know that when I do get the chance, I will put them on a seperate post.)

I was the Princess of Demons. You were a Demon Hunter. As you were walking through the forest, you see me bathing under a waterfall, and my bodyguards see you. I haven't seen you yet, and they attack you. After slaying them, you....

Name: Angel
Age: 16
Species: Angel
Gender: Male
Height: 5'7"
Sickness: Insomnia, Bipolar, ADHD
Likes: pretty much everything with few exceptions
Dislikes: lairs, cheaters, and cutting of my wings 
Personality: cool, observant, smart, fun, protective
Bio: He's been and angel his entire life tho he was born from a mortal family. He smokes sometimes and rads a lot. He just wants to see the world be a better place. No one knows about his wings except those closest to him. He doesn't want to get experimented on, cause he went through that earlier in his life.

If I need to change anything just let me know.

(I am unable to put pictures on at the moment, so bear with me, and make sure you have a profile, first!)

You were the popular guy in school. Everyone liked you, and you could do whatever you want. Me, on the other hand, was the girl in the background, the girl no-one noticed. One day, as you were walking home from school, you see me standing on a bridge. I was muttering to myself, and I looked as if I was about to jump off. You then....

One male required. Please say 'jump' if you have read the entire post. I will do reposts for those who are interested.

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Name=Jared D.


Height=6' 1"

Sickness=NF (aka neurofibromatosis) tumors and other bad stuff.

Species= Human

Ability's=Animal Shapeshifter(any kind of animal and/or creature)

Disadvantages=sometimes can losses control with certain transformations. And legally blind in right eye (in real life too).

Likes=the forest, animals, helping people, and nature.

Heart=Fights for what is right and protects and helps people.

Dislikes=Humans but mostly evil, bad, or ones that don't care who they hurt.

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u see me in the red neck yacht club talking to sum friends and drinking sum beer
Welcome I haven't seen u round here
jumps in water
Come on in the waters fine

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You were the Prince of vampires, and you were looking for someone to claim as your bride.You were arrogant, rude, forceful and determined to get what you want, when you want. I was a normal human girl who was always cheerful and out going. I didn't know vampires exisisted. You noticed me as you were scanning my village for potential brides. You then...

If you would like to see your attire, please look up Adam Lamberts music video For Your Entertainment. Please ask to join and I will do reposts.
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