My gf keeps hiding stuff for me i have no idea what to do i love her but i feel that she dont trust me somebody help me

I am very sad... My mother recently started complaining about how I always am off doing my own thing and never hang out with my family. So recently I have been trying to.. We try to watch movies.... I just can't stay awake... My mom gets off work too late so we never get to do anything together. She may irritate me but I love her. I just wish there was something I could do to spend more time with her! And it breaks my heart because I am always doing something else or she is.. I spend time with my dad father and I go mushroom hunting together and I talk to him a lot, I ask him about everything and talk to him about everything. But I feel like my mom and I are just drifting further apart. One day she is going to be gone and I won't have spent any time with her.. What do u suggest?? What should I do??

I NEED HELP!! so the guy I like actually asked me out without me having to ask him.... But I'm not allowed to date so I wouldn't . We have known each other forever.. I REALLY WANT something more... But I am too young. He is moving away after this year , but he will be back in a year. We had a scene a scene that was something from a movie.. But it was so sad, he kept telling me that he would be back and he would wait for me.. I asked him if he promised, he quieted down and said he promised. We then had a long moment of silence and staring in each other's eyes. HELP M?!!

What do I do if I like my best guy friend but he already knows and just acts normal. HE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY! I really like him, but he knows I do and he just keeps on dating other girls and stuff. But he also does things with me that he doesn't with them. We actually share a locker cause his is broke LMAO, BUT WHAT DO I DO??? DOES HE FEEL THE SAME WAY?? Please tell me what u think

I hate myself. I cant tell my parents anything, and i have no friends. Wtf is the point to even waking up in the morning? Like fuck life. It only makes me depressed

So this is a question/debate it depends on how you see it but what im asking is do you thibk its right to steal from others or cause wars or compete with each other seeing who launches more missels and stuff when we could be just working together and help each other out... Let me know what you think in the comments...

One of my friends say im ignoring them on purpose because i never respond to them... After they had said that i dont know what to say i am very sad because they were one of the 3 people who actually understanded me... What do i text them back... Please respond i need help with this...

What should i feel when something has been tooken from me that costs a lot and I know I will never get it back... And if i try to do something about it nothing will happen... How should i feel and should i do something about it??? Plz answer...

I found something that expresses me, something that I do constantly to help with my dark emotions. But people ask me why and don't understand it. Some people even make fun of me. What do I do, should I keep going like this, expressing myself,or should I give up and just be moody. It hurts me when people do this. Only one truly understands, feel free to ask what it is.

What would you do if one of your ex-friends wanted to be friends again, but it was for the second Time?? I chose to say no in a comical manner?? Did I do the right thing?? I did not want to be hurt anymore....what do u think??
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