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Sven Guckes

Discussion  - 
this Saturday in Tübingen (South Germany)

Workshop: "Mutt konfigurieren" Sa 11.Juni 2016, 10-12h in Raum V3

questions? contact me:
Sven Guckes
pubkeys: 57F77F09 and 0185391B

the event:
2016-06-11 Sat "TueBix 2016" 9-17h
ORT: das Wilhelm-Schickard-Institut für Informatik -> "Auf dem Sand" OpenStreetMap Karte

see you there! :)
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Ein Guide für S/MIME und Troubleshooting wäre ein Segen. :)
Mir wird immer wieder gesagt, die S/MIME-Nachrichten mit mutt wären broken.
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I just can't get mutt working with GMail IMAP ...
There's in the status bar always showing webalert.
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Rick Valenzuela

Discussion  - 
Is there a way to compile mutt and use TLS but not SSL?
Chris Ahlstrom's profile photo
Examine the output of "./configure --help" and see!
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Alex Woehr

Discussion  - 
TIL don't paste into an ssh session with Mutt unless you really know what's in that paste buffer...what a mess...
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Thomas Reuß

Discussion  - 

having trouble with #mutt   + #davmail   .
After downloading some random percentage of mail headers, davmail would lose connection ("Remote host closed connection during handshake"), which is not the actual problem, but mutt would freeze with the message:
"msg_parse_fetch [a0006 NO Unable to retrieve message : Remote Host closed connect...".
Thunderbird, for example, would reconnect, as soon as davmail recovers.

Mutt also won't keep the downloaded messages/headers.

Did anybody come up with a solution for this behaviour yet?
Thanks in advance!
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Hi -- hope I don't annoy anyone by cross-posting here from the Debian community.

I downloaded Mutt using apt-source and compiled it with the options I want, namely OpenSSL support, instead of the Debian repos' Mutt with gnutls. Now when I run 'aptitude update', I see Mutt listed. Will updating this way lose my specific compile options?
Tobias Eichmann's profile photo
Yes, updating this way will install the standard Debian package. You may want to put that package on hold, or better, compile a new package yourself, if this is a version update or security update.
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some eight years ago, i created a one-kilobyte setup file
to start off a workshop on using mutt:

slightly bigger setups for a workshop in german and english are here:

maybe you want to extend on these for your own mutt workshops. enjoy!
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looks very cool.  I'll be looking into this myself.
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About this community

Mutt is a small but very powerful text-based mail client for Unix operating systems

Mark Rice

Discussion  - 
Did something change with the imap_pass variable? I have an encryted password set to log into mutt using GPG and it no longer works.

Matthias Runge's profile photoMark Rice's profile photo
It was just me missing something.
Missed putting 'set my_gpass='password'
with the password being the app password given my gmail.
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I have mutt-sidebar installed on Linux Arch / i3wm...
when i switch emails account the folders is the sidebar do not switch...instead email account 1 folders will merge with email account 2 folders.....
any help greatly appreciated....
Folder hooks folder-hook '' 'source ~/.mutt/' folder-hook '' 'source ~/.mutt/' # Default account source ~/.mutt/ # Macros for switching accounts macro ...
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Alex Woehr

Discussion  - 
Hey, I just realized that I have a VPS. It had mutt opened in a screen session. I just pulled it up and it gave me the message that it received a TLS packet with unexpected length. That couldn't be related to HeartBleed, could it?
Andrew McCarthy's profile photo
I get that usually if I've been writing a long email or something and (I think) the connection to the IMAP server has timed out. Don't think it's suspicious.
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I have my mutt det up with gmail imap. Sometimes login fails and I get an email from google saying suspicious login rejected. Is there anyway to over come this? It happens when I am using a vpn usually but sometimes when I am not.
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Can someone send me a link to a simpl .muttrc for pop3 email. I see lots of suggestion for imap but my service uses pop3. I am getting off gmail and want something lightweight. Thanks
Uwe Scholz's profile photoDerrick Cope's profile photo
+Uwe Scholz I did do that but I was unable to understand it at me level. I was hoping for someone to kickstart but I think I have it fixed now.
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Hi, mutt downloads all 12k emails in my gmail account when I open it. Can I just limit it to the last 50? thanks
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