My gamertag >>> KNIGHT FANSCOTT please follow me on Xbox One I can support you just invite me to party to tell you more what I do for Gamers I Reshare anything you send me on Xbox one

AchyDrip add me for Battlefield, smite, and sports gaming

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It's red dot348 I have no mic wanna play gta 5???

New here. Just recently got an Xbox One bout a month ago as an early Christmas present ~

A little bout me. Names Amber. I'm 22. Been gaming since I was little. I am extremely shy and fail at conversations. I also suck at introductions.

GamerTag is xEscapeUrFate

Current games I have are
-Black Ops 3
-Mortal Kombat X
-Fallout 4
-Diablo 3

Nothing new? Well,this place is getting inactive. Come on people!


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Hello,everybody,look at this,very good product,Q88+,hope you will like it.
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Welcome to the xBox One GamerTag Community. I am Jon VSS please add me and leave your #Gamertag so people can add you to. Also let us know what #games you have for #xBoxOne
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