So, how many of you guys still playin' EVE? 

I still do .o/

Just spent two hours toying with the new exploration features, and for the first one did fumble around quite embarrassingly, alt-tabbing a lot between EVE and web tutorials.
Got the hang of it, mostly, although I still don't exactly know why I seem to semi-randomly lose contact with my probes — easy enough to recover, though.

On a sadder note, CCP's idea of user configurable shortcuts is still terribad : I eventually assigned the radial menu to right click, which kinda works, but binding it to a KB key is of very limited use as it will work only for stuff that is in sight range (aka on grid)… same goes for many other actions.
Depending on whether  that would allow to work around EVE limitations, hotkeying alone makes it totally worth (or entirely pointless) buying a programmable g4m3r keyboard.


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Looking into the options for what to actually do in EVE, a couple weeks from now, after I'm back on a decent inet link, I'm for now catching up on spaceneredy lore, and stumbled on this little gem. Among other things, it makes for good food for thought, for anyone who ever contemplated RP'ing a good guy in EVE.

Why, oh why do I keep getting flashes of Freewheeling popping in to my head when I see the name "N.A.G.A after hours".. Oh yeah and a great big cloud of smoke. =)

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Am i really the only one struggling not to rant of Grease references..? ;-)

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If you ever wished EVE looked more like the UI had been designed by +Derek Smart , this might be your thing.
Joke aside, this looks promising, but by looking at how many such broad-spectrum tools are starting to crowd the area, I can't help but wonder if time hasn't come for some kind of modular platform to emerge... maybe under the auspices of CREST ?

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A long time ago, I remember experiments with player-created missions that rendered in the IGB.
Not only was it cute, but if a game-sanctioned Player Organizations Loyatly Points system was possible, it could definitely be something interesting from a community building standpoint.


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E-on issue #1
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