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Песня из моего 2 аккаунта можете набрать её в ютубе из игры fnaf 4
Слова песни Маrch Ownard You Nightamare

What did you think your were playing in the shadow on your mind. What is you think you see from the sides of your mind. Well the night begun harden and harden as the time slowly flied. And the memories repeated 'till all of your dreams made you cry. FORCED DOWN. Holding dack your tears. Charging closer to the deably besire. YOU ARE REQUIRED. Your soul's about to meet it's master. IT'S ABOUT TO EXPIRE. Maybe it's the end you seek. But it result in difiat. UNLEASH THE NIGHTAMARE INSIDE. MARCH. Through the battlefield another day to die, we go

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I found you. Your been asleep your room. You can scream you can shout. But this will all end soon. Im yor NIGHTAMARE. I'm broker inside. I'll be the end of you. So hold your Trddy bear Tight tonight. We roam and we invite. You wont survive the night. Just tell your self that this is. All in your head.I hear them running. They're banging at my door. It's gone for day's and night... And I can't take this anymore! I hear them breating... WE HEAR YOUR SCREAMS._They won't stop haunting me! They're right bihind me! And i won't take this no more! This can't be real. It's in my head!!! Give in up your better of deab
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