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My idea is to set class up with Blocky tasks and have them work through the Maze task to get a handle on visual programming. From there I will move to the scratch environment and have the class develop a race track and instruct the car how to navigate the track.#csertask1

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Use the statistics from this article to create an interactive Maths game, where you have the find the plastic waste and facts about plastic waste pops up as more and more waste is collected. #cserTask6

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My idea is to use an algorithm to solve a problem. The problem being, how do you improve your own physical performance?

Step 1: Questioning and Planning - Students need to use questions as a basis for planning a course of action designed to address making improvements in their own performance, and that of peers.

Step 2: Finding and Selecting Sources - Students justify their choice of tactical approach and explain the advantages and disadvantages of the methods used in a range of situations.

Step 3: Grouping, Sorting and Evaluating Information - Students plan an exercise session which incorporates a balance of cardiovascular exercise and muscle-conditioning exercise, meeting their own individual exercise needs.

Step 4: Recording and Adapting Information - Independently present and explain how they have used performance data to develop a plan of action in relation to their own fitness, taking account of their own body’s reaction to exercise.

My other idea was to use tape to create a large grid on the hall floor, and students use a sequence of commands to guide their partner to different items they need to collect on the grid. This could be as simple as moving a number of spaces for younger students, or using the idea of cooordinates for older students. If the commands are accurate and followed correctly, the correct items will be collected for the PE game. If not, they need to improvise the game based on what was collected, or fix the "bugs" and go again.

I have had limited experience with visual programming so I chose to complete an activity on the CS First website and I had a go at the Blockly games.

The theme I chose was 'sport', as I am a PE teacher. I found the activity to be pretty good but definitely for older students. The step-by step, introducing each element one at a time definitely suited my level. It was however quite time consuming, and frustrating when i was interupted. I definitley don't have enough time in my regular lessons to do this, but would make a great wet weather activity.

The Blockly games i found much quicker to do in the first 5 levels. It obviously become more complex, so more time was needed from level 6 onwards. I liked that i could run the programme and then go back and alter things as i went until it worked. It was frustrating sometimes that i had to start from the beginning to fix an error at the end. But it definietly taught patience and perseverance. I think this could be a nice thing to do with younger students using the IWB, and we could try to complete this challenges as a class. #cserTask1

I'm Natasha,

I have completed the F-6 Digital Technologies: Foundations course, and am now moving onto the extended. I am really loking forward to learning more ways of how to incorporate more digital technology into my PE lessons. It is not something I ever learned at school and I am finding it all very interesting, and enjoying being able upskill myself.

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I tend to go to the Digital Technologies Hub for ideas and resources, so that I am not reinventing the wheel. Using a story the students know well such as 'The Three Little Pigs' or 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', seems to be more successful. I often use activities like this when the need to have older students and younger students in the same class occurs. The older kids buddy up with a younger student to create a timeline and retell the story using a story map.

They can recreate the story, or come up with a variations to the well known tale.

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#cserTask3 !

My students have been designing an autonomous robot that will measure distance in cm using a Raspberry Pi, ultrasonic sensor and coding in Python.

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