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"Santa" is bringing aprons for me and my girls this Christmas - they've started to really enjoy helping in the kitchen, so we will have mommy-daughter-daughter ruffle aprons.  They're in progress - all pieces are cut!

Do you know of, or have you written, a great finishing tutorial?  Share the link here!

I have an HAED in progress that I started in 2010.  I'm currently on pages 3 and 4 of 18 (? - I haven't printed them all out, don't want to risk losing them) -  at this rate I'm looking at probably 2019 (at the earliest) before I finish this project!  What's your longest running piece?

It's easy to quickly share a photo of your finishes here by clicking on the camera icon below the text box.  Make sure you choose "Look What I Did!" from the drop-down box so it goes to the right place!
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