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Warning spoilers! What did everyone think of season 6 as a whole?

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So how long has this community been up?

So I've been thinking of modding Smash 4 to give the characters reskins (All being ponies of course. I'll have to make model, sound, and animation swaps)

These are the ideas I have so far:

Mario - Colgate
Luigi - ???
Peach - ???
Bowser - Unicorn Twilight
Yoshi - ???
Rosalina and Luma - ???
Bowser Jr. - The Cake babies maybe?
Wario - ???
Donkey Kong - Vinyl Scratch
Diddy Kong - ???
Mr. Game & Watch - ???
Little Mac - ???
Link - ???
Zelda - Rarity
Sheik - ???
Ganondorf - Big Mac
Toon Link - ???
Samus - Shining Armor
Zero Suit Samus - Cadence
Pit - Celestia
Palutena - Starlight Glimmer
Marth - Flim
Ike - ???
Robin - Sunburst
Duck Hunt - ???
Kirby - Derpy
King Dedede - Bulk Biceps
Meta Knight - Lightning Dust
Fox - ???
Falco - ???
Pikachu - ???
Charizard - Alicorn Twilight
Lucario - Spitfire
Jigglypuff - Rainbow Dash
Greninja - ???
R.O.B. - ???
Ness - ???
Captain Falcon - Applejack
Villager - Daring Doo
Olimar - Fluttershy
Wii Fit Trainer - Berry Punch
Shulk - ???
Dr. Mario - Carrot Top
Dark Pit - Luna
Lucina - Flam
Pac-Man - Pinkie Pie
Mega Man - ???
Sonic - Soarin
Mewtwo - Queen Chrysalis
Lucas - Discord
Roy - Tirek
Ryu - King Sombra
Cloud - Ahuizoti
Corrin - Nightmare Moon
Bayonetta - Sunset Shimmer
Mii Brawler - Applebloom
Mii Swordfighter - Scootaloo
Mii Gunner - Sweetie Belle

Obviously, I haven't figured out the ones that still have question marks. I'd appreciate it if any of you want to help with ideas.

Hi Im Newww So Naw Naw Naw Naw Naw Naw Naw XD


Come on, people. I'm not the only one here.
Post some stuff

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I was a bit reluctant to accept at first, but you know what? Why not.
It's the first time I've been invited to an MLP community, so I figured I might as well; even though I do like AppleJack a tiny bit more than Rainbow. Also,

nice meme

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I posted this in a different community, but I thought I might as well post it here too. It's my first comic thingee

Alright, what even is this community? First it was "RAINBOW DASH FAN BASS", then it was "Apple Jack Fan Base", and now it's "MY LITTLE PONY FAN BASE".

Can we just stick with one name? Preferably "Rainbow Dash Fan Base", since that's what the community originally started as? And I think having the title in all caps is kind of unnecessary
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