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u can make up your own magic

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Wendy Walks With Charle To The Park Since She was Bored at Home When she Got To The Park She gets on the swings
[¤pen to Anyone in this Community]

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Name: Wendy Marvell
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Magic: Sky Magic
Personality: Kind, Loving,Sweet,Smart
Likes: Having Fun,Helping People,Friends,Charle
Dislikes: Bully's
Bio:Wendy Marvell is a 12 year old Girl that Has Friends and a Good Heart well If You mess with Her GL she has a Pet Named Charles And Has Sky Magic She is also a Dragon Slayer
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Hello Wendy Is New Here Can I fill In for myself? ^^^ω^≧∇≦≧ω≦ʕ•ﻌ•ʔฅ'ω'ฅ(•ω•)(~^)(。・ω・。)(≧∇≦)
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Hello everyone! I'm new to this so I hope this works! Thanks!!!

name : Kyia
age 17
gender female
magic earth elemental dragon
personality funny, outgoing, always happy.
likes anime, dogs, bunnies, kitties, reading, manga
dislikes the dark, rudeness, homework
bio: Transfered from Lamia High. has a little braclet with a bleeding rose pendent on it which she got from her dragon


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Name: Elizabeth red rose
Gender: female
Personality: Hates being compared to other people, Loves books and sports, Quite when you frist meet, Happy, Loyal till death,
Biography: Was abused by sisters her parents did nothing about it So she learned Magic for self defense But could not bring herself to hurt Her she ran away to the guild called fairy tail. 
Magic:memory Dragon Slayer.
Dislikes:Pervs and sometimes ice stipper (gray)

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Name: Ai Kirai Osore

 Age 16

 Gender Girl
Magic Lighting Magic
Personality: Sweet to a point, Kind, Caring, Loving

 Likes: Sweets, Animals, nice people

 Dislikes: Bulling, Animal curelity, evil things, weaklings

 Bio: Ai Kirai Osore  mean Love hate Fear her parents named her this  because of the feelings they had when her mother was pregnant with her after she was named she was raised as a royal until her father feel ill because Ai had struck him with lighting she felt so bad that she beg her mother to send her here so she can learn to control her powers
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is asleep on my desk and no one's in class but me, and you see all my fashion designs I drew on my desk everywhere and I look tired and I look not so good
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