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Quotes: " he may be evil but he's still my master so try to kill him and im sorry I must kill you"
"You chose me because of the vengeance in my eyes didn't you?"

"Dwell in me flauros let the lion come forth and be filled with wrath and let the the lions pride roar"


[Alias/nickname]golden eyes (a name judal/judar uses to tease her ) ,Bhrungara (because her hair turns gold and her eyes get brighter in her equip form) and mell (name that was given to her when she met a mysterious boy named Aladdin)

[Age] unknown

[Height] 5,2

[Weight] 130

[Gender] female

[Appearance] below

[Personality] kind,Innocent,obedient, respectful, and vengeful

[Power] magician magic

[Skills] fast,strong,and good at hand to hand and sword combat, her metal vessel can be used longer then regular fanalis also she's a dungeon capturer which makes

[Weakness]she is half fanalis so she's not as strong as regular fanalis when it comes to leg power ,the power of the dungeon and magician power combined is hard to control.(half fallen)

her family was killed after they put up resistance they were forbidden slave lovers a powerful magician with golden eyes and brown long hair who also happened to be a descendent of a magi and a fanalis they found out 4 after her mother gave birth to her her parent were killed right in front of her and she promised. herself she would stop the kou empire from enslaving children like her and destroy them. she was sent off into slavery but because of the important blood in her they sent her to important people like the kou empire
she was passed around until she was given to her master judar the magi as a "pet" because he kind of found her and he wanted her because the strong amount of magoi. he trained her to be more powerful to grow into a magician and powerful so she could help in his war she was chosen by Flauros and trained to use the lions sword. " she was almost named fallen until she heard a voice that stopped her.
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Quotes: ...

[Name] Shantae Horomi

[Alias/nickname] Shan

[Age] 24 (Currently) 12 (Sinbad No Bouken)

[Height] 5"2

[Weight] 112 Ibs

[Gender] Female

[Appearance] Shantae has Dark Skin and white hair. She also has pink eyes... She wears a Heliohapt looking outfit while in Sindria, or Heliohapt. And wears the cloths given to her by Kouha in ((the blue Kimono is for special events))

[Personality] she I kind towards her friends and people she is close to... But during battle she is brutal!

[Power] well... Since she's a mage she has many powers
1.} Sleep= by touching somebody on head and saying "Sleep" it causes the body to relax and fall asleep
2.}Disappear= when she was 18 she was practicing her powers and found out she could suppress her powers and presence causing her to disappear
3.}Telepathy= when she was 21 she cleared her head of thoughts one time at the Kou Empire and could hear Koumei's thoughts

[Skills] if you count "Keeping Kouha calm" that's one.. Umm.... She can.... Change her eye color depending on her feelings... But not always...

[Weakness] food.... And the ones she holds dear to her

[History] Shantae's mother and father were both slaves. Shantae was born into slavery as Half Fanalis and Half Heliohapt. (She looks more Heliohapt, and has Fanalis strength) When she was 9, she was Rescued by Sinbad (Sinbad was 14), And continued to journey with him... When Shantae was 20 She left to go to the Kou Empire, and serves Kouha Ren... now, at the age of 24, She is allowed to go to Sindria (As a spy) and To Kou as she pleases, as long as she isn't in Sindria too long.

(During the three year time skip, she spent her time In Heliohapt with Sphintus Carmen.)
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[Profile Template]


[Name] Shantae Horomi ((I don't mean to copyright her name, that's what I thought of at the moment))

[Alias/nickname] Shan

[Age] 24

[Height] 5" 7

[Weight] 150 lbs

[Gender] Female

[Appearance] Her hair is white with pink tips at the end. She keeps her hair up in a high ponytail or in a bun with metal sticks poking through them. She has I cut on her left eyebrow, she has a golden band on her arm. Her skin is slightly darkened and her eye are purple-ish red. Her clothing for everyday things is the second picture... And her clothing for special events is the third picture. And around the base of her ponytail she has a flower pin in it.

[Personality] she is very kind to everyone, but also protective for the Kou Empire.... If she needs to kill people.. She's ruthless and gives no mercy... She is especially sweet to Kouha, as... Give the order from Koumei when he is busy with paper work... She treats the Kou family with respect... Yes even Hakuryuu, but she treat his like a brother

[Power] She got her powers passed on from her father when he died....
1.} Sleep= by touching somebody on the head, it enforces the mind to relax and so does the body making it sleep
2.} Disappear= her magoi let's her do this... But she hasn't figured out why yet, all she knows is "Disappear and dont let your presence known"
3.} Telepathy= by clearing her mind of thoughts, she can talk to somebody nearby or a person that has magi.

[Skills] if you count "Keeping Kouha calm" that's one? If not then she doesn't have anything special

[Weakness] food

[History] Her mother came from Heliohapt and her Father came from Fanalis, so she spent her younger years in Heliohapt living with her mother while her father was in Fanalis studying for things... Most beloved childhood friend was Sharrkan! They spent their lives happily laughing, playing, and doing randon funny stuff.... But when she was at around.... 8-10 she was a slave ((not for the one who claimed her slaves as "children" I forgot her name 😑)) for many people... Usually a maid for house cleaning.... But... When she turned 15... Her mother sold her off to a "special treatments" facility for 3 was ATROCIOUS FOR HER! all the men their abused her... So.. She ran away one night to the docks, snuck onto a ship, and stayed there until it ported... The crewman found her, took her off the ship and presented her in front of a man with purple hair, he greeted her kindly and asked if she would travel with him... She was a bit worried at first but then accepted his offer... She soon came to find out she was in "Sindria" and the man with purple hair name was "Sinbad".... She traveled with him everywhere as his apprentice and/or bodyguard..... But soon when she was about... 19 or 20.... She was employed as a bodyguard for the Kou Empire and was released as a slave.....

So she is currently working for the Kou Empire, but she still visits Heliohapt and Sindria whenever she wants...

((The first picture is my art the rest is not))
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"The Spirit of Terror and Meditation, thou who gives power to kings, bring forth the great hellfire that judges the earth!!"
-Kouen, Summoning Astaroth's Extreme Magic

Name: Kouen Ren

First Imperial Prince of Kou

Age: 28, 29, 32

Gender: Male

Height: 6 ft 1 or 185 cm

Weight: 183 lbs

Koutoku Ren (father/deceased)
Gyokuen Ren(stepmother/aunt/deceased)
Hakutoku Ren (uncle/deceased)
Koumei Ren (brother)
Kouha Ren (half-brother)
Five unnamed princesses (half-sisters)
Kourin Ren (half-sister)
Kougyoku Ren (half-sister)
Hakuyuu Ren (cousin/deceased)
Hakuren Ren (cousin/deceased)
Hakuei Ren (stepsister/cousin)
Hakuryuu Ren (stepbrother/cousin)

Judar (former)
Seiryuu Ri (former)
Kokuhyou Shuu (former)
Shou En
Seishuu Ri
Kin Gaku
Kokuton Shuu

Agares (gravity)
Astaroth (fire)
Phenex (life: healing)

Kou Empire

Kouen is a tall and well-built man, with muscles at the appropriate places, who has red narrow eyes and also red hair that is tied back into a small ponytail. One of his most notable features is his goatee, which he is proud of. He has thin eyebrows and wears some eyeliner around his eyes. On his head, he wears a small Chinese headdress with a yellow gem in its center. He dons traditional clothes that are mainly red, white and black in colour along with a black flowing cape. The maroon belt he wears has a golden ornament of a beast on it. He always carries his Metal Vessels with him, which consists of a sword, a hilt ornament attached to it and a metal pauldron on his right shoulder, which resembles the head of a lion.

Kouen is a calm and serious person who enjoys war. He wishes to increase both the power and territory of the Kou Empire and also, to unite the world which will be ruled by a single king. He hopes his siblings are able to aid him in this vision but if they are unwilling to, he does not wish to press them into this matter. He is shown to care a lot for his siblings and he knows them to a great measure despite the rather distant relations they have, especially towards Kougyoku. Besides this, Kouen can be sacrificial for the sake of his siblings, as shown when he surrendered to Hakuryuu during the civil war when he knew that his siblings' lives would be spared and their 'traitorous' acts pardoned. When Alibaba arrived in Samon Island and convinced Kouen and his brothers to return to the Kou Empire, Kouen suggested thatKoumei should follow Alibaba back, stating that Koumei would be a better ruler in times of peace. Kouen himself also considered handing over the throne to Koumei, which Koumei isn't aware of.

In contrast to his tyrannical public image, Kouen possess an intellectual side in reading documents and learning about history. According to his brother, Kouha, Kouen is always thinking about his country but in private, he is a person greedy for knowledge. Kouen doesn't even mind hurting himself if it's for the sake of his goals. Kouen wants to solve the riddle about the Torran Languageand the King Vessel and how they are linked to the past. Due to this, he is willing to side with a complete stranger, as long as he is certain that the person in question will give him the answers he seeks.

The reason why Kouen wanted to accumulate knowledge, learn the Torran language and gather information about the destroyed world, Alma Torran, was because someday he would be able to carry out his revenge for the deaths of Hakutoku, Hakuyuu and Hakuren

I won't go much into his biography due to their being spoilers in there for the manga.

But basically he is a prince of Kou who led the conquest of the western land, namely Balbaad. He later fought with his siblings and other metal vessel users against the Medium to save the war, having been promised to learn the secrets of the past world.

Kouen is the strongest general of the Kou Empire. He is the only person besides Sinbadand Hakuryuu Ren, to capture more than oneDungeon, having captured three Dungeons.

Advanced Intelligence

Kouen is intelligent enough to know how to read and speak the Torran Language.

Physical Abilities

Kouen mastered swordsmanship when he was only nine years old and seems to be a very skilled swordsman.

Metal Vessels

Kouen mastered all of his three Djinns and is able to utilise the Djinn Equip for Agares and Astaroth. Kouen’s Djinn Equips are excellent in offensive and restoration abilities.Kouen's Metal Vessels are a sword, a hilt ornament on his sword and a spaulder.


Agares is the Gravity Djinn that Kouen obtained when he conquered the 2nd Dungeon. Agares is the Djinn of Fortitude and Creation. This Djinn dwells in the spaulder on Kouen's right arm. Kouen can manipulate Earth with this Djinn.

Djinn Equip: In this equip, Kouen's hair becomes wild and resembles a lion, like his Djinn's and he appears childlike. He has a heavy necklace around his neck and his arms becomes scaly and turns into claws with the Djinn circle on the back of his hands. He also grows a tail. A dark tattoo around his right eye appears and he also wears a belt. He has a destructive power, as he fired a beam of light from his hands that was powerful enough to pierce through to the other side of the earth’s surface and stimulate a lava flow.
Astaroth is the Fire Djinn that Kouen obtained when he conquered the 29th Dungeon. Astaroth is the Djinn of Terror and Meditation. He dwells in Kouen's sword. This Djinn is the one Kouen uses most often.

Djinn Weapon Equip: When his weapon is equipped whatever it touches burns and blows away. It can also create a massive blast of fire by concentrating the mass of fire at the tip of his sword.Djinn Equip:In this equip, Kouen's hair becomes longer and resembling snakes, like his Djinn's. He has a heavy necklace around his neck and decorations on his forearms. A dark tattoo on his stomach appears and he also wears a belt. A snake-like armour covers the surface of his body. When he equipped this form, he summons a white snake-like dragon similar with his Extreme Magic around his body. The scaly skin is hard and useful at times for defense.

Astor Inqerad (Flying White Flash Dragon from Purgatory): This Extreme Magic creates a dragon made out of white flames that when summoned incinerates everything within its path. The flames of Astaroth's Extreme Magic last for all of eternity unless Kouen orders them to disappear.

Phenex is the Healing Djinn that Kouen obtained when he conquered the 37th Dungeon. This Djinn dwells in the hilt ornament on Kouen's sword. Phenex has the ability to heal by summoning a pink-coloured phoenix from her Metal Vessel, as shown when Kouen used her power to treat Kouha's broken arm as well as Alibaba's and his own injures. Phenex is also able to transfer limbs and organs from one person to another. Kouen used this ability to transfer his limbs to Hakuryuu for his missing legs and arm.

The Ring of Admonition: Using Phenex's power Kouen puts inside the targets body an Egg that is warmed by targets bloodlust. In the moment enemy has concrate intention and confidence, the egg cracks to create magic ring around his head and isolate bloodlust from his body. If the target is trying to move while the nerves are being sealed the curse may leave him into agony.


Quantity of Magoi 5/5
Fighting Ability 5/5
Physical Strength
Technique 4/5
Leadership Ability 5/5
Wisdom 4/5


Gyokuen Ren

Gyokuen is Kouen's stepmother who's standing in his way of the unification of the world and he has yet to cooperate with Gyokuen, which is unlikely. During his father's funeral, Gyokuen stepped up to him and hugged him, asking him if he will continue to support her and he is her most beloved son. Kouen merely got her off him and put her aside before proceeding to pay his last respects to his deceased father.

Hakuryuu Ren

Hakuryuu is Kouen's younger step-brother as well as cousin who does not follow his expectations. Despite knowing that Hakuryuu also desires to obtain the Kou Empire, Kouen simply watches him and allows him to do as he please. He finds Hakuryuu’s recent rebellious attitude interesting. He also admits that he feels sorry for what their family has done to him. After the civil war and Kouen being imprisoned, he and Hakuryuu had a talk together in Kouen's cell. When Hakuryuu demanded to know why Kouen did not do anything when Gyokuen killed Hakutoku and the crown princes, Kouen replied that it was to protect the country and that he had no power to kill Gyokuen. Kouen told Hakuryuu that there were more important things than his personal revenge and that was to erase war from the world. Then, Kouen admitted that he did not want to become king, shocking Hakuryuu.

Despite having a rather tensioned relationship with Hakuryuu, Kouen cares for him and even gave him three of his limbs to replace Hakuryuu's missing ones. When Kouen learnt that Hakuryuu has 'killed' Gyokuen, he stated that he envied him because he thought he would be the one to kill her instead. Following after a bow to Hakuryuu, Kouen stated that he really regretted that he lost to Hakuryuu. After the supposedly execution of Kouen, Kouen remained alive from Hakuryuu's pardon and was sent to Samon Island to be with Koumei and Kouha.

Hakuyuu Ren and Hakuren Ren

Kouen deeply respected both Hakuyuu and Hakuren and his childhood dream was to serve under them when Hakuyuu becomes emperor. As a child when he was first introduced to them together with Koumei, he was so nervous to the point of panicking, especially when Koumei started spouting one of his lies and saying that he had some sort of chronic illness and needed to stay in his room feeding his pigeons. When he apologised profusely to Hakuyuu for Koumei's behaviour, Hakuyuu simply laughed and shrugged it off. Kouen also fought alongside with Hakuyuu and Hakuren in order to unify the Eastern Plains. When they died, he desired to get revenge but decided to hold it off for awhile due to lack of strength. 

Hakuei Ren

Hakuei is Kouen's younger step-sister and cousin, who is in cooperation with him. She admires him, and the two have a fairly good relationship despite the fact that they are step-siblings. Hakuei is one of the few people able to enter Kouen’s private space and possibly understands his quiet but occasionally blunt nature. However, even if Hakuei doesn’t hate Kouen like Hakuryuu, she has very mixed feelings since it wasn’t long ago that she was in a higher position than him until Emperor Hakutoku and the two crown princes were killed in a fire and Kouen's father, Koutoku, became the next Emperor. Kougyoku once thought why were the both of them seemingly close and Hakuryuu is often infuriated when the two are talking to each other.


Judar gets along well with Kouen and there are numerous times when he and Kouen act together and also exchange information. Kouen's knowing of Aladdin as the fourth Magi was due to Judar. The both of them enjoy the same interest of war and when Judar told Kouen that he requested Sinbad to start a war against them, Kouen smirked and said that this was expected of the Magi of his country, showing his amusement and excitement.

Koumei Ren

Koumei is Kouen's younger and only full-blooded brother as the both of them were born from the same mother. Currently, Koumei is Kouen's advisor and although Kouen considers Koumei to be lazy, he values Koumei's opinions and abilities greatly as Koumei is actually a very intelligent person but lacks refined manners to show it. Koumei often attempts to slack off and escape from work by falling asleep while standing or making up some sort of odd lie. Kouen usually retaliates by calling him a liar or yelling at him to wake up as he hits him. He seems to be the only one who can tell when Koumei is lying. 

Kouha Ren

Kouha is a general of Kouen's army, as well as one of the siblings that is the closest to Kouen. Kouha is exceptionally loyal to Kouen and often feels regret of he shows too much weaknesses or failures. He comments that both Kouen and Koumei used to take good care of him when he was younger, thus awakening his desire to take care of other people as well. Kouha originally wanted to become part of Kouen's Household rather than obtaining his own Djinn.

Kougyoku Ren

Kouen appears to care for Kougyoku though their interactions are limited. Out of all of his siblings and step-siblings, he seems to acknowledge her the most for her abilities as a Dungeon Conquerer. Kouen even rushed to save her and Kouha from the Medium when it attacked them. Kougyoku almost worships her older brother and wishes to be closer to him. An example of her wanting to be close to Kouen is in this scene. One night, Kougyoku expresses frustration when she sees Hakuei with Kouen, but she's relieved that it was a misunderstanding due to seeing Hakuryuu there. 


His name in Japanese means Crimson Flame. 

"Kouen" is the Japanese pronunciation; in Chinese his name would be Hóngyán.

His nickname, Entei, means Flame Emperor.

Kouen is the second person in the world to capture more than one Dungeon, right after Sinbad and before Hakuryuu Ren

His hobby is historical studies

His special skill is war

He likes spicy food and dislikes sweet food

His favourite type of person is a smart woman and he dislikes indecisive people

His favourite way to spend a day off is doing historical research

He's currently worrying about how to deal with Aladdin

His weakness is his fashion sense

When he’s not at war, he tends to space out and think that his goatee suits him very much.

He thinks his goatee is stylish but it's revealed to be in the top 3 most unpopular designs

According to Morgiana, he smells like a mix between three fragrances

Of Kouen's three Djinn, which were silhouetted in Night 87, two of them have completely different appearances to when they were introduced in Night 186

He would have four Djinn instead of three if he was chosen by Leraje instead of Kouha

According to Ohtaka, it's really difficult to draw Kouen with other facial expressions

Aladdin refers to Kouen as "oji-san" (おじさん), which can be translated as uncle,mister or old man (much to the Kou Army's horror, though Kouen doesn't really mind it at all).


His family
His thirst for knowledge
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▪ [ Origin : Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic ] ▪
¤ [ Canon Character : Yamuraiha ] ¤


▪Sorry, but I’m…A genius magician!
~ Yamuraiha. Night 109

▪This place is a battlefield made for me! This is…The end for you.
~ Yamuraiha to Apollonius. Night 109

▪I don’t want to unnecessarly interfer in a fight between swordsmen…He probably wants to settle that without anyone’s help,even if he loses his life in the process…(But…That stupid swordsman…I will not forgive him if he dies with his sword in hand…!)

~ Yamuraiha about Sharrkan. Night 108





۞Also Known As

Legendary Genius

↬Alt. Spelling


۞Physical Description






158 cm (5'2")


49 kg (108 lbs)



Matal Mogamett (foster-father/deceased)


Irene Smirnoff
Alibaba Saluja





Magic Teacher
Eight Generals


Musta'sim Kingdom (former)
Sindria Kingdom

۞⇋Yamraiha (ヤムライハ, Yamuraiha) is one of the Eight Generals of Sindria. She is aMagician who specializes in Water Magic and Aladdin's Magic Teacher. Yamraiha originated from Musta'sim Kingdom and was a former member of the Magnostadt Academy, but is currently residing in Sindria..⇋۞

Yamraiha is an average sized woman with large breasts and blue medium-length hair. She seems to wear a long off-white robe and a black hat that resembles a typical witch's hat. She has a red gem on a chain around her forehead and golden cone-shaped shells covering her ears. She also has clam shells on her chest instead of a shirt or other more normal covering but after a battle with Apollonius, she briefly wears a normal covering clothing in replacement of the destroyed clam shells. She usually carries around a staff. She is also noted to be very attractive.

Generally, Yamraiha is a sweet and caring person, but she also has a violent side and a sharp tongue. She can be nice to people she is interested in, and respects Sinbad a great deal. She's confident in her magic skills. She has a fierce rivalry with Sharrkan, since she claims that Magic is better than swordsmanship while he claims the opposite. It seems that she's very shy in front of the person she likes, and she gets very nervous in these occasions.

◇][○Young Yamraiha○][◇
It was said that when Yamraiha was young, she was abandoned by her parents because she was born such a strong Magician, and began to follow a fate made of solitude.

In fact, Yamraiha was born to a clan that, for generations, served under the Musta'simRoyal Family. However, she was abducted byMatal Mogamett from the Royal Palace and raised by him, since she was on the verge to being killed because she was born a Magician. However, he hid the truth from her. Yamraiha became a student of theMagnostadt Academy and spent a lot of time with him, who was the Academy's chancellor. She used to pester him to read difficult books to her about Magic. She thought of him like a father. When she was old enough to understand what was happening around her, she became more and more suspicious and started to be afraid of him, thinking that he wanted to use her in the rebellion as his tool.

Sometime in her past, Yamraiha met Sinbad and began to trust him. She ended up leavingMagnostadt to join Sinbad in Sindria. At some point, when Sinbad was drunk, Yamraiha was molested by him like all the other women Sinbad had molested when intoxicated.
▪•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• ▪

Yamraiha is the only one of the Eight Generals who doesn't own or use aHousehold Vessel, since Magicians and Djinn don't combine well. As a Magician, Yamraiha is very strong. She can use Magoi to fight in battle and specializes in Water Magic, as such she is called a "Blue Magician". She is also the one who is responsible, together with Sinbad, with the creation of two barriers around Sindria it prevents the entry of foes and if once any foe enters, it tracks their location out of the barriers up to a certain distance. Matal Mogamett once mentioned to Aladdin that using this magic will lead her to an early death ("she will die young"), due to the huge strain the vast barriers place on her body.

۞Magic Tools
Yamraiha usually carries and uses a long wand, with a twirl pattern at the tip about half her size. She uses her wand to fly, by sitting on it like a witch.

She is the only Magician that has created the only Magoi storage devices in the world. They take the appearance of the shells she usually wears on her ears and chest. When separated from her, they can be used to perform a powerful magic. She also knows enough about magic items to fix Aladdin's Magic Turban when it was ripped to shreds. She has also created many magic tools while she was still attending the Magnostadt Academy. One of these tools is the Eye of the Rukh.

↬Eye of the Rukh: It is a communication tool that allows Magicians to talk over a long range (this depends on their amount of Magoi, making it ideal for a Magi). Because of its long range Clairvoyance Magic, it is possible to use the Rukh scattered in the atmosphere as a intermediary and to transmit information.

↬Borg: This is said to be the proof of a magician. It is a defensive ability that blocks out attacks with evil intentions. It blocks out all physical attacks and magical attacks to some degree. However, its strength depends on the person.

↬Water Magic: Yamraiha can use her Water Magic in various ways. She can evaporate the water in the immediate vicinity to burn the target (this is not very powerful however). Her favored type of combat is to create water balls around herself to attack and defend her from an enemy.

↬Shallal Magd (Water Membrane of the Hermit): Yamraiha gives Rukh 3 commands, by surrounding herself with water in order to reflect sunlight off of it to make her invisible.

Shallal Baraq: Yamraiha makes a dragon made of water that attacks an opponent directly, with it's great speed.

↬Shallal Raqesa (Water People Play of Truth): This is a type of Clairvoyance Magicthat makes the Rukh show things that cannot be seen, faraway places, and events of the past. It uses the blood of the people involved to show their Rukh. When this magic is used water is shaped into the people involved and acts out what ever situation that is being discussed.

↬Gravity Magic: She uses Gravity Magic on herwand to fly. She sits upon it like a witch.

↬Quantity of Magoi 5/5

↬Fighting Ability 4/5

↬Physical Strength 1/5

↬Technique 5/5

↬Leadership Ability 2/5

↬Wisdom 5/5

Sharrkan & Yamraiha vs Southern Creature(anime only)  WonYamraiha vs Apollonius  WonAladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, Ren brothers, Hakuei, Kougyoku, Muu, Ignatius, Sinbad, Yamraiha, Drakon and Mira, Armakan, Darius, Rametoto & their Household vs the Medium - Won


↬Matal Mogamett
Mogamett was like a father to her, and still now he wishes her to be happy in Sindria. He reminisces to Aladdin that whenever he would try to read a normal story to her, she would pester him to read books on difficult magic, and then scolding her that she would loose sleep again. The affection that Mogamett still has for her is reciprocal, and it has been revealed that if Yamraiha doesn't dream of him for a while she becomes homesick.

↬Dunya Musta'sim
Yamraiha has some loyalty to Dunya, as they were from the same country and Dunya was the princess. Even if she didn't take part in the revolt, she feels some guilt since she formed part of Magnostadt's Academy. 

Yamraiha and Sharrkan have a bit of rivalry as they are usually seen arguing over magic and swordplay, arguments that are usually put to a stop after some time by others or by Ja'far. Yamraiha also stated that she would not forgive Sharrkan if he died with his sword in his hands. However, it is shown they have some respect for each other.

When she contacts him for Alibaba through the shell phone, she asks how he was and acted in a shy manner; that attitude was quickly dropped when she angrily berates him for asking if she was still single. After meeting Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana again, Alibaba suggests that Sharrkan should get married and when he agrees, Masrur says that he should as he pushes Yamraiha closer to the swordsman. She looks up to Sharrkan with genuine confusion, asking if he was getting married and stated she didn't know. As Sharrkan stutters that he and she could, his voice trails off to yell at Alibaba and Yamraiha is left looking even more confused and perplexed.

Her first meeting with Aladdin isn't exactly the best, but they soon got along with each other and she taught Aladdin what she knew. Yamraiha mentors Aladdin when he is still new to all the magic related matters, and they grow to have a strong bond. She later sends him to Magnostadt's academy. She takes great pride and joy in Aladdin and even said he'd get the highest level at Magnostadt's (he ended up getting the lowest rank). She even fashioned Aladdin's new clothing for him, and his new staff (although he stated bluntly that the job was rather poor). When she meets him again after not seeing him for years, she weeps happily ecstatic to see that her disciple was alive and asked where he had been this whole time.

Yamraiha and Pisti are good friends as they are the only females of the Eight Generals. Yamraiha is also the only large-breasted woman that Pisti is known to be friends with.

Although not shown in the story too much, Yamraiha seems to have a friendly relationship with Masrur, shown once when Sinbad (accidentally) spread a rumor about a Fanalis princess coming to Sindria and Yamraiha wept in front of Masrur asking him if he was going to leave. She also whined that if he went, she wouldn't have someone there to listen to her troubles while hugging him (to which Sharrkan told Masrur to get her off of him). When Alibaba suggests that Sharrkan get married, he pushes Yamraiha towards the swordsman and quietly agrees.

↬Alibaba Saluja
Yamraiha seems care about Alibaba; according to Ja'far, she grieved for a long time and couldn't bring herself to visit his soul-less body. When she meets Alibaba again, she is visibly happy to see that he was alive.

Yamraiha takes her name from the character Yamlaykha (يمليخا Yamlaykhā), a queen in "The Adventures of Bulukiya", one of the stories of 1001 Nights.The council member who chose the first seat at Iktiyar said that Yamraiha is a legendary genius.

Her special skill is magic.

Her hobby is collecting magic artifacts.

Yamraiha's favorite type of man is someone older and bearded, but she gets so nervous in front of people she's interested in that she ends up only talking about magic.

Pisti suggested she should "just date a guy who can use magic".

Her highest confession record is seven consecutive losses.

The twenty different rejection lines directed at her are things like "It's nerve-racking to be with you".

Due to her preference, Yamraiha wouldn't mind marrying Hinahoho, but it is physically impossible.

She doesn't like people who make fun of magic.

Her favorite drink is alcohol and she dislikes coffee.

She is worried about not being able to find a boyfriend.

Her favorite way to spend days off is doing magic research.

Her weakness is waking up.

Yamraiha writes using strong, thick brush strokes.

What catches her attention is a good book of magic. Aside from this, telling her "I like you" might be enough.

She doesn't like her large breasts as they make her shoulders stiff

The person she is interested in is Aladdin, due to his rare talent.

Her most important possession is one of her inventions.

She isn't very good at sewing.

According to Morgiana, she has a strong smell of magic medicines she uses in her research.

Yamraiha is the only general that doesn't have any Household Vessel because of her being a magician.

According to Volume 27 omakes, Yamraiha wishes Sharrkan were her little brother, claiming: "Well, even now he's like a little brother to me!" Sharkkan comments: "I never once thought of you as my sister."

She is the one who developed the Shellphones.
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