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Sorry if I'm not allowed to share comms here. I will delet if asked.

Hey guys, you should join this. It's really fun, and we've already got some action going on!

Come join us, and make your own destiny, write your own story! Will you rise up, as Katanah Sheerin predicted, as one of the "wolves" of Elkeer to tear down Lalit Felkin? Or will you join the Castiels in their quest to destroy House Sheerin once and for all? Maybe you'll join the Brothers of Snow or the Shadow Brigade as a knight of the realm instead!

Shall we begin?~

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ok so do we wanna do like VR or something or what

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When it's not even your comm and you're the first one to post

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I'll post profiles soon, once I get some good pics.

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Model Horse Profile

"It's stuck to me! It's stuck to me! Help me, Ace!"

Show Name:

Name: Callisto

Gender: Stallion

Age: 5 years

Breed: Unknown

Pedigree: Unknown

Personality: Quirky, a show off

Likes: Attention, treats

Dislikes: Work

Stable: Champion Ridge Stables

Discipline: None yet

Used For: Possibly trail.

Riding Level: Advanced

Model Claim: Aurelius

Purchase Info: Callisto is a handsome horse who definitely knows he is an eye catcher. He acts big and bad but is really a sweetheart. He is compatible with other animals, and really likes cats and house plants. He will be up for sale once he is fully trained.

Bio: Callisto was rescued from a mustang rescue organization. He is currently being trained and will be resold after he is fully trained.

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Model Horse Profile

"I'm willing to wait for it."

Show Name: CRS For The Glory

Name: Glory

Gender: Colt

Age: 3 years

Breed: Thoroughbred

Pedigree: CRS Ricochet x Unknown Dam

Coat Color: Bay

Personality: Calm, sweet

Likes: Company, baths

Dislikes: Isolation

Stable: Champion Ridge Stables

Owner: CRS

Herd: None

Rank: None

Crush: None

Mate: None

Offspring: None

Bio: Glory was purchased recently when we found out that his sire was one of our studs at CRS. He is a sweet colt who is currently being trained for racing.
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