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to make this easy...I'm dressed as Twilight one,no one else can take your character,no one is my character,someone can be Ami I'll give you pics and info,and your profiles are approved as soon as posted
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Name:  Cyan
Species: Artificial Hedgehogs
Age: 9
Gender: Male/Boy
Powers: Psychic, chaos, wind, psychaotic
Abilities: Psychic powers, chaos powers, wind powers, psychaotic powers (combination of all 3)
Likes: Makin' friends, racing, battling, magic
Dislikes: Evil, murderers
Transformations: Robot, Super Robot, Hyper Robot, Super, Hyper
Weapons: Lightsabers, armcannons, machine guns, grappling hook, sacred sword
Wife: +Princess Blasticus the Amazing Sonic Fan 
Quote (Starting/Joining battle): "Heh-heh....  '[Insert comeback here]'"
Quote (Win battle): "Told you a recolor can still fight.."
Quote (Lose battle) : "Ugh, but h- How??"
Quotes (During Battle) : "TAKE THAT!","Oof!","PSYCHAOTIC WIND!","PSYCHAOTIC FLASH!","Your moves cannot damage me, I am nearly immortal!".
Theme: "Chosen One"
Bio: Cyan The Hedgehog is an artificial psychokinetic/Telekinetic hedgehog who can run slightly slower than Sonic and has chaos energy sealed within him (similar to Shadow), Dr. Eggman once captured Silver, Sonic, and Shadow and used their DNA to make Cyan, but Cyan betrayed him and now lives in peace with other Sonic fancahracters/OCs, he then got married to +Princess Blasticus the Amazing Sonic Fan , became overall buddies with +RJ the Fluffy Hedgewolf  and +Yuri The Hedgehog , and is roomates with +Dragon guy 
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Woah, this is a cool school...

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Finnally. Time to post my profile..

Do you mind if I join but I'll but a boy not a girl? and be Cyan?

Kool community

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I will start posting book chapters! See what progress I made! I will select random chapters.
(Last pic is my reaction with my friends! I'm the pink girl)
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(plays and sings a hypnotic love song in a seductive tone) ((open rp))

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Dani Hemmings! I'm using something from +Scourge The Hedgehog {Archie Comics} "the future is in danger" arc if he's not okay with it I'll forget about the arc. I wasn't planning on publishing the book because I'd get like 5-9 copyright sues....
Anyway so,Dani Hemmings the new girl is causing trouble around the school. Secrets she's spilling and keeping,can this girl Aurora's enemy?? Find out in Aurora and Ami's adventure! (Book chapters will be posted soon!)
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