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QPython 2.0.10 is in BETA-2, thank you for helping with test and give us feedback.

It mainly fix the matplotlib error
Improve editor: Add more quick keys like tab, import, from, if, etc...

You can get it from google play or github

Would you like to have a try the newer ALPHA QPython which supports Python3 ?

1 Update QPython to the ALPHA version

2 Install the QPy3.6 plugin

3 Start the QPy3.6 and enter the QPython, then switch to Python3 from QPython's setting.

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Are you willing to give a try the QPython with hot keys for terminal ?
Get it from

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QPython 2.0.10 is in BETA-3, thank you for helping with test and give us feedback.

Improve hot keys, add redo, undo
Auto-save when start new line.

You can get it from google play or github

Hi. I see one big issue with QPython: it's very difficult for mainstream users to install and run scripts. Most regular users are just unable to do all this: download a zip file, unpack it, and copy the resulting folder into a required folder inside qpython. I keep thinking how I can solve this problem, but it seems I just can't do much. Any ideas? I see a number of options:

1) Installing the script from Google Play Market as some patch or extension for QPython.

2) Installing QPython with the script already embedded (among all those test scripts/projects).

3) Installing the script by scanning a bar code with QPython. It seems you already have something like this, but I tried on many Android devices, and I always get the error "Camera not support."

4) Installing the script from some repository (Qpypi?) with a terminal command. Maybe it works, but I don't know how I can submit my script to the repository.

The first two options would be the easiest. The 4th one is perhaps also too difficult for many users. What do you think of it? I really love your app, it helps me to write the code I need. But there are people who could also use it, and they can't. Finding an easy way to install scripts for common people would greatly increase QPython user base and unleash its true potential. I don't see any real technical hurdles for this. Until then, developers just have to code for themselves.

Newer QPython3 BETA-2 is out

You can update it from google play or download it from GitHub

Thanks for helping test.

A qpython is giving me segmentation fault. Samsung ace 3 android 4.2.2

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QPython's brand new version is out, It's an big & awesome update,

Click this link :

[What's NEW]
1 Brand new UI
2 Add course module

Welcome to test and leave feedback to us.

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After installing QPython3 beta, starting the console and running scripts returns "segmentation fault." Any ideas? I found this answer
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