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+Hunter Wilson Dude UNCW Campus is filling up dude!
If it's majority Green when you get back you'll switch factions, right?

Hey +Ian Phillips there is a small group of us gathering evidence that @ChaosWolf and @wolf3 are the same dumb kid playing more than one account, on both sides. Any help you have proving or disproving this would be nice. If it's the same kid then I say we work together to make his life hell

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Everyone is invited to join this temporary community trying to establish links across america.

Hey +JB Ackley Sparkles is right here +Monica White

OK Resistance what have you all been taught, or been teaching each other. 
I have my own suspicious as to why, but I thought I'd ask you guys.
Why do your agents only throw 1 or 2 resonators on a grey portal then move along. So much AP being thrown down the drain. You get AP for every deployed resonator! You get 250 bonus for completing a portal. And once the portals are full you can link them for 313AP and if you link 3 portals together you get a field which gives you 1250AP. Why are some of you skipping this?

+Thomas Margrave you've been downtown for 5 or 6 hours 2 days in a row. I think I've seen you complete 1 maybe 2 portals. I know you are L6 but i've never seen you put a resonator above L4 on a portal. I've never seen you make a link or a field... You are doing it the hard way!

+charlie grasse what are you doing in Southport? Is that within your gas budget?... ;)

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It took Sparkles and I 4.5 hours to flip all those portals last night. 4 hours, and a half.
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