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Casey jones TMNT 2012 :3♥♥♥

Hello ^^

Can someone send me the oc template

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name: skull head
age: 16
weapon: dual wield katanas
fav food: pizza
mask color: grey
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Donnie; at Shredder lair tied up as shown in a dungeon cell How'd I get myself into this mess! sighs

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Favorite Alias name : Airkunichiwa 
Gender : Female 
Family Heritage:Mexican/American
Weapons : none really 
Abilities : Is able to control wind and turn into wind except for when wet,has some martial arts experience
Friendships : Has three cousins who also have powers, each one with a different element . 
Best Friend:Alscio Pardis
Dreams :Often wishes to go on an adventure 
Likes : Using powers for pranks, the idea of adventure, staying up all night, writing stories, acting tough,having close friends, codes, to confuse people by talking to them in Spanish
Dislikes : Strict rules, being bored, being ordered around, being ditched, being third wheeled 
Appearance : Wears a blue hoodie most of the time but usually has a white shirt underneath wears snow pants ( even in the middle of summer,), dark brown eyes, really long black hair thats always in either a pony tail or braid
Looks like any other person. 
Bio:So to say the truth I'm pretty bored and I HATE being bored, many would think that someone with powers should be having fun with all the powers and stuff, well if they even knew i had powers, i gotta stay blended in with everyone else, not standout and get caught by some scientists or something. I don't even know why I even have powers, I was a regular girl until I was 7 when i went to this weird building with my cousins and we found an awesome looking rock, we grabbed it and took it home, we didn't let anyone else see it,next day we all got weird crazy powers and I got to keep the rock.Maybe it was just meant to be, but whatever on the origin, i gotta stay hidden, often i daydream what it would be like if I was caught, it's always awesome, too bad I also have to think about my cousins,and they wanna have a regular life, which to me sounds like a waste of talents.Atleast they let me have what i call patrol
I found picture online,following is the link

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Full Name: Death Poison
Nickname: Yin, Death, or Melody
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Side: Half wolf and half black alien(tail and mouth)
Look: Black shirt, black pants, bandana over my nose and mouth, black combat boot, mask is dark red but the right eye is cover and my arm is a skeleton arm.
Eye color: the left is purple, and the right eye is red demon eye and a scar on the right eye
Weapon: trowing star, sickle sword, three katana, shredder blade(but long), and reaper scythe
Power: Darkness, read mind, control the shadow(to help the turtle), and healing
Dream: none
Likes: Training, music, playing my violin, eat heart, smarted then donie, and riding my motorcycle
Dislikes: Shredder, Krangs, Foot clan, and Miky
Fear: none
Bio: I was created by shredder until i betray him and went to the rooftop am a legend that master splinter us to tell his student ... i have a birth mark of Yin & Yang on my forehead so i have some power and make legend weapons i can protect the turtle.
that the Yin & Yang symbol on my neck
((Open rp))

RP I need someone to play Xever *I see a giant tiger with an eye patch and a giant zombie wolf, they hear me and chase after me, the tiger catches me and finds me attractive, they take me to shredder's lair*

Shredder: Tiger Claw, Bradford, who is this?
Tiger claw throws me on the ground
Tiger Claw: This beautiful girl was spying on us.
Rolls my eyes
Rahzar: We think she'll be the perfect target for the turtles.
Shredder circles me, looks at me
Shredder: Very well. Xever, take her to the dungeon.
A giant snake head fish gets ahold of me, our eyes meet, I feel something I never felt before, he locks me in the cell, and gives me a flirty look as he walks away, I smile at him, an hour later he comes back Xever: Hello, beautiful. The name is Xever. And who might you be?
Takes my hand and kisses it
Me: I'm Hailey but everyone calls me Hails.
Xever: Beautiful.

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Hi I'm Rarity and this is my heart jem that only I opin But I hope I get good freands
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Name: Rin Kagamine
Age: 16
Weapons: Knifes, Katana
Species: Neko,Human
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