Where did everyone go after april?

Today marks day #1 of the march to age 40. Oh boy... On April 22, 2014 I will be fabulous. Mark my words. 

For fear of overusing this community, I come back to the confessional.  I need a place to vent.  I have ran 21/23 days this month.  Watched calories.  Cut the sweets.  And am barely budging the scale.  Today showed a gain.  It would be fine if I had 10 pounds to lose.  But I have 85ish pounds to lose. I was so depressed I ate a cupcake for breakfast...it was a birthday cupcake I avoided yesterday, for my birthday.  Then I tried to eat a donut that I bought from a gas station.  It made me gag and I threw it out the window.  But I'd still like to bury my head in a peanut butter pie or have about four glasses of wine.  Just bummed...and needed to vent.  

I had run 18 days in a row, until yesterday. Which I skipped. And ate Chinese. Nothing like An epic fail on both counts to really screw up. 

If it takes 21 days of doing something to make it a habit, I'm nearly there. Day #14 in a row of running. Longer run today. Bt my legs are ready for a break. Just keep going...

Vacation fail I like food too much I think I may have gain what I lost back this week weighing myself tomorrow :(

Today was day #8 in a row to run. Last night I took the 6 year old sprinter with me. Watched her little rear end the entire time I trailed behind her. She did stop on my walk breaks to hold my hand and swing arms. I was overwhelmed by this kid. She told me I was medium fast. Fooled her! And the three kids are why I run. To be an example. To keep up. To show strength. To love them better...

I'm doing +The Color Run™ tomorrow! Wish me luck!

I have run four days in a row. I think I am finally on board for my Year 2Change, 

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