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I have co-worked with multible SEO-Companies, and I have got a lot of personal and expensive experience. Actually one of the most expensive SEO-Companies, was also the biggest scam. I paid thousands of dollars for spammy PR-0 links, blogcommenting etc, and very few articles.If you want to do it right and not get tricked, you need to know a little about SEO yourself, before you order external help. A good idea is weekly reports with lists of all the links that are built. Then you have to check up on whether the links are alive, relevant to the Moz-rank on the pages where the links are submitted to.

They also have no handle on who your audience is, what sort of content they are looking for, and how to address them.  That is a systematic flaw.

Then there are those who claim to submit your website to thousands of search engines. This is again a foolish claim to make and if you believe in it, surely you’re letting them make a fool of you. First of all, how many people use those hundreds of search engines? Second, do you really know if 100 search engines really exist and if they do are they useful? Will your audience ever use those 100 search engines? The one simple and straight forward answer to this question is “No.” Nobody uses more than 3 or 4 search engines. And your site doesn’t need submission in more than these 2 or 3 popular search engines. Simply ask the company you’re planning to hire to make a list of at least 10 of the popular search engines to which they claim to submit your site.

In such tough economic times, can you really believe anyone to be providing you with the free of cost services? Sounds unbelievable, right? Yes, it is unbelievable. There can be special rebates once in a while or low pricing or perhaps one odd service offered for free along with other services for which you’ll be charged but the entire services for free is nothing but a scam. One who claims to be doing this for you must be doing this only to get access to your information and other details and there is no other way at all.

Yes, once in a while some companies may offer you a treat of discount or one or two services free when you buy other services but nobody gives you everything for free ever. It is possible that a start-up will try to influence clients with free work but even in that case, nobody will spend a whole lot of time as SEO needs a lot of time and effort to do the entire job for free. A sample job can either be one odd page or something similar. But in most cases, SEO companies prefer showing you the work that they did earlier instead of doing things for free.
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