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I'm experiencing a bug, I reset my device and now i rooted it but CQS remains on a "loading" screen after intro 

Can anyone explain how works Tasker integration? Maybe some sample if it's possible

When I add a tile with two actions, it seems to go back to action 1 by itself after a while instead of staying at action 2 after action 1 is clicked. I'm a developer myself so if u need any more info feel free to ask.

Quick question.. is this app compatible with the "system profiles" setting of Cyanogenmod/Lineageos?
I'm using another app to add quick settings shortcuts and I want to try this one, but having a quick switcher for system profiles is a must for me.

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The weather live tile is cropped 

I'm on version 2.0.6. Is there an option to choose the number of tiles per line? 

Hello. I just installed the app and Cellular data toggle doesn't work. I have a rooted GT-9515L on AOSP 6.0.1. Other root toggles like GPS and Network mode work fine. Any suggestions?

The "automatically switch to this action when" deal seems bugged, I can't set some of the options and the second action one won't set, it also would be nice to just be able to turn it off, I have switching the tile state handled by Tasker so in my case so it's not needed.
Also related to tile states, they seem to reset to the first action when the app is opened or the notification drawer is closed.

Would it be possible to add a QS tile that launches currently selected assist app, without root? For example, Now on Tap. 
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