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I simply can't add a tile on my Redmi S2, Android 8 and Emui 9.6. The tile is added but nothing happens, the app doesn't detect it.

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Unrooted 8.1 PIXEL 2 XL. I've added 3 tiles, however I can't add anymore, why? HELP!?

How can I enable Secure Tiles ?

Hi, I am currently trying to figure out how to create a quick title to switch data from primary sim to secondary on my oneplus 3T running Resurrection Remix 6.0. Can someone explain it to me ?

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Is there a way to get Custom Quick Settings to work with Material Notification Shade (

having an issue on my LG V30 not rooted. Was working fine, then I changed the collapsed QS panel to show 7 icons. Now there are no icons "visibly" showing. I can click on where the icon was and does toggle. Just can't see it.

The battery live toggle keeps disappearing on a rooted Android 8.1 ROM.

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How come the icon from custom quick settings is b when activated? Is this color set by the system or by CQS? can I change the color?
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