Hi so you guys want me to introduce myself so here it goes please don't judge me. 
my name is inna f petersen
i love bands so much Black veil brides pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, my chemical romance, andy biersack 
i love trap music, dubstep bass boosted nightcore nightstep techno trance anything with a great beat
i love country music too:) 
well theres my music choices
im emo, oarnge/reddish brown hair/hazel eyes/california tan/ 5'5 and i dont weigh alot
i love sweats,jackets,big sweaters and sometimes jeans shorts and mini skirts . tank tops with words
i usaually wear blue or black mostly 
i love make up alot
i try to be me but i dont always seem to be able to figure who i am
i do facebook, skype ,twitter,snapchat,kik and gmail and i love Xbox its so much fun 
i play dark games tho GTA5, Destiny anything with sports 
i love any kind of sports but not really golf
im usaually random so if u ask me something i might daze off, and say something random 
i am looking forfriends and a family who will care for me 
i listen to really depressing music too but i mean its not my fault
i have 2 dogs and 3 cats
living in usa but from russia
i have a dirty weird crazy side after im depressed for too long i turn crazy 
hit, smack called names, put fake smiles on and depression , lost betrayl, and did vows when i was younger. 
im mainly on here everyday 
pet peve when people talk smack about me / or when they ask if im on and ignore me
pet peve at home when i loose things and cant find them
currently senior in school
i just need some new friends so please feel free to add me and follow me anytime u see this
i promisse to add back but if ur just going to hurt me then dont :) 
i do love metal scremo and anything with bands/ hot topic and tv
i prefer mountain dew over any soda, but i love mixing soda
i love snapbacks/ chains and bracelets
i enjoy having a quite place /outdoors music time/silence and just having time to myself
sorry this is really long but yea i dont judge if ur gay bi sexual trans or pan trust me i ddont judge anyone!!!!!!!!!
i do have trust issues/depression/urges/mood changes alot
i will always be here for anyone all u have to do is message me 
i also love youtubers too <3
friends are dealing with stuff but sometimes i cant date someone so please dont be sad and down i will always be a friend for anyone 
sorry its really long its the truth though
add me and message me to find out deeper details of problems or other stuff about me:) 
i love monster cars too 

anyone want to add me i can be pretty random 

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