Name: Lilly Anderson
Age: 6
Gender: Female
Power: unknown
Personality: she is super shy and has a hard time trusting people
Bio: private
Personality: she a very kind young women. Who is very shy and never could make any friends. but is a great friend to have.
History: shes a sweet girl that has a hard time opening up to others and her parents are M.I.A well that's what she know she doesn't know that they are dead. now
Appearance: she has short brown hair loves to wear leggings and sometimes dresses if she has to.

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Name: haru Sohma
Age: 16
Gender: female
Zodiac animal: dragon
Year: Year of the Dragon
Personality: caring but doesn't show it infront of others.. hyper..scared of many things
Likes: books,writing,dreams , sushi , cats and tea
Dislikes: getting push past the limits or mock
Bio: haru was born year of the dragon and ended up with the curse she ..her mother and father didn't mind that she was curse but was worried that she might get hurt so thet made sure that she would never go out of the house eventually she went to public high school .. haru never really felt welcome and was bullied by many people until she had enough of it and end up in the principal office for fighting after that no one wanted to bother her then finally after sometime she meet another sohma name moji . Moji became very attach to haru . Haru finally had meet the others and felt more opening than she thought
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my name is classified but my nickname is yuki
Im about 14
I am a girl (no shame :3)
I am the snake in the zodiac but I like kyo (the cat) the best
(kinda like tohru but she was the dog X3)
my personality is strange, like ill wear pj pants and glasses sitting in the back of the room eating and if i get called strange or weird i find it as a compliment
*I like anime, manga, snow, misty mornings, origiri, spring, cherry blossoms, drawing (wolves), a cute guy from my dance class >////<
story writing, and candy :3
I don't like bossy girls, rainy mornings (I get sleepy), school, no internet service, long car rides, and boredom
I was born in japan, but adopted in the U.S. (sorry where is classified too)  

what roles are left?

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{Name} Ariana Sohma

{Nickname} Ari

{Age} 15

{Zodiac Animal} Cat

{Year} N/A

{Personality} Tomboy-ish, Flirty, Outgoing, and Extremely Daring

{Likes} Boys, Her Brother, and Climbing Trees

{Dislikes} People Who Lie and Cheat

{Abilities} Anything a Cat Can Do

{Bio} Ari is Kyo's younger sister. They both were abandoned by their parents. Below, the first picture is Ari, and then its Ari's cat form.
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Is the role for Kisa Sohma open?

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{I'd like to be the dog if I may}

Name: Kimiko Sohma
Age: 22
Gender: female
Zodiac animal: dog
Year: Year of the Dog
Personality: laid-back, lazy, and caring
Likes: books, guys, writing, the beach and tea
Dislikes: work, cooking, sports
Bio: Kimiko was born with the curse of the dog, she thought of it as an advantage and while she was growing up, she often told her parents that couldn't do something because it would hurt her curse. She hates sports, especially baseball. She thinks that sports are unnecessary, she often doesn't leave the house due to it being 'work' and says that if she leaves then she will turn into a dog. The only place she enjoys other than her house is the beach. She especially enjoys watching the guys at the beach, she is often seen with a kimono on and a book or pencil in her hand.
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Hi! And welcome to Fruits Basket!
Here are the steps to making a profile:

Zodiac Animal: (if cursed)
Year: (the one you were born in)

You can add anything else you want to the profile. I only need the basics to approve!

Here are a few rules:

1. ABSOLUTELY no bullying or else you will be banned

2. No hentai or yuri but dating is allowed

3. Your profile must be approved before you start roleplaying

4. Have fun!

Cat: +Em Reyes (me)
Boar: +Kagura Sohma
Dog: +Tohoku Zunko
Snake: +Jonah Salazar
Dragon: +Darkness Shadows
Horse: +Marconi -Rin
Rabbit: +Alliephonse Elric

Kyo Sohma: +Em Reyes (me again)
Yuki Sohma:
Tohru Honda: +ღ sυкi 好き ღ
Hatsuharu Sohma:
Momiji Sohma:
Hiro Sohma:
Kisa Sohma:

There is more but this is all I can remember.
Please enjoy!
Thank You

OC's are ok, right? So it's ok if I make an oc rabbit?

I am one of the newest mods and because one of the owners of this community made a post about which zodiac animal is currently available and is not updating it based on the people who took that animal, I will make a temporary post until the owner can start updating the original if possible. Below is the list of available zodiac animals. Just choose one that is available. When all zodiac animals are taken, the tags will be cleared and replaced when somebody else chooses that animal. if there are any questions, just ask me (Because I made this post) and I will answer it as soon as possible. Thank you. (Before I forget, there will also be a list of Canon characters from the anime & manga (I don't know which one the community is based on so I will put characters from both of them).
Rat: Open
Ox: Open
Tiger: +Miss Acacia
Bunny: +Alliephonse Elric
Dragon: +Darkness Shadows
Snake: +Johna Salazar (It won't let me tag for some reason. )-:)
Horse: +Marconi Arrizza (Me)
Ram: Open
Monkey: Open
Rooster: Open
Boar (Pig): Open
Cat: +Em Reyes
Dog: Open
Kyo Sohma: +Em Reyes
Yuki Sohma: Open
Tohru Honda: +suki (Sorry. I dunno how to put the hearts and stuff on her username when tagging her so therefore, I cannot tag her. She is one of the owners in this community.)
{I can't remember most of them at the moment, so please ask before making a profile of one of the characters. We don't want duplicates. Thank you.}
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