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Free faction change is happening for a brief time on one realm.  The post indicates that Blizzard might try it with other realms in the future.  Sounds like they are doing this as an experiment, and have an interest in doing it more.

The goal is to achieve better balancing of people queueing for PvP in a region on Horde & Alliance characters.  [They don't seem be be offering perks to active PvP-ers this first time around, though.]

Think this could be a way to make a one time, once in a blue moon, change regarding which side of the Horde/Alliance boundary a huge chunk of gold sits?

Blizzard seems to, as a policy, transfer your gold with a faction change.

Racial mounts might be a different matter but I think when they wrote the policy mounts were per character.  So perhaps today, they don't actually move mounts, they just flip the mount polarity switch — so to speak.  Not sure.

Worth keeping an eye on, in my opinion.

Leatherworking seems to be cheapest and easiest way to create Hypnotic Dust, correct?

Any guestimates on how high price of two Hallows End holiday pets could rise after holiday and how long it will take to get there?

Hello!  Thank you for letting me into your community.  I hope I can be helpful & helped here.  Please let me know of any ground rules beyond normal good manners and commercial spammage I generally adhere to anyway.

Quick question:  How stable is TSM2, the whole suite, right now?
Rationale:  Skillet looks mighty inviting because it makes somewhat limited changes to the Profession windows and does not require a suite of addons to get going.  Yet it still provides handy augmentation to views/controls to navigate and assess economic worth of changing this to that.  But Skillet is still 5.3 addon with a bunch of users blithely ignoring that and complaining about internal conniptions it has.  I don't know when it will be 5.4 compatible but TSM2 has been since about the day that 5.4 dropped.

Question:  How much do TSM2 and Skillet change the as shipped WoW Profession UIs?
Rationale:  I love improvements and embellishments but I kind of feel like if you are going to turn the whole cart upside down, maybe you should just build a different cart.  If things get overly complicated, they can become laborious or unintuitive to use.  Plus, the risk is heightened it will become unstable due to an accident or "incompatibilities" with other addons that simply tangentially "look" at the data for the windows in question or augment tooltips. 

Question: What addons is TSM2 and was Skillet incompatible with?
Rationale, I don't want to throw one addon overboard to give a berth to another!

Thanks for your help if you have time to give any.  I would be extremely happy if you just respond to one question at a time, starting with the easiest for you to answer.

I really respect the information you convey in your podcasts.  I love how you run a screencast during much of the show so I can see how things are actually working while I am hearing it described.

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I got the Lil' Bling battle pet from the Blingtron 4000's "gift package" a few days ago.  Man, I was happy!

I have paired it sometimes with my Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. The latter's weather effect which buffs the former's Make It Rain spell very nicely.

They work really well together.

All of Lil' Bling's abilities are mechanical, except when he throws a gift, which of course is magical!

PetJournal Enhanced addon just dropped a day ago for 5.4.

While there seem to be now new features, the developer labored over the weekend to get it working with WoW 5.4.

I love this addon a lot and missed it greatly for the 5 days it was out of commission.  It supplements the existing Pet Journal window without subverting it at all from a user's standpoint.

It adds in really good filters.  My one beef with default+it's GUI is this:  no direct capability for auto assembling a team or candidates for a team based on weather/effects that help or are caused by particular pets currently available spells and/or make them really good opponent(s) for pets of 1-3 species I know I will be facing in a moment.

That stuff really matters if you want to reap max XP for your pets or go toe to toe with a master pet tamer's epic pets.

Filtering would be a bit weak for this.  I would want an actual query capability, preferably with a GUI drag-and-drop and/or forms UI to specify the query selection criteria.  And then what I would want to come out of the search could be one to three sets of qualified candidates and/or perhaps some suggested teams based upon my request.

To make the results "actionable" I would want to be able to drag a whole recommended team or individual pets to the "current" team of the Pet Journal or a "stored" team of PetJournal enhanced's sidebar.

Does any addon provide this searching capability?
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