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Check this post occasionally, as I will be posting any new updates here
New Magic Type: [Furthest Planes] Elemental!
<Heart - Manipulate emotion
<Mind - control others' minds
<Life - grow plants
<Pestilence - disease magic
<Blood - Create conflict
<Time - Self-explained
<Space - A mix of elemental and Abjuration

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Name:kura akano

Race:high woodland elf


Eye color:green

Hair color:light blonde



Weight:152 lbs.



Magic type:nature elemental

Build:muscular,but not buff

Blood type:O-


Weapon and gear:a magical blade given to him by his master called,flora

Skills:medicine,alchemy,botany,biology,and other studies of living beings,as well as swordsmanship

Personality:a caring and sensitive young man,very sympathetic and is not afraid to stand up for others

Bio:he grew up in a wealthy forest village with his loving parents.The houses and other structures were built completely on the trees away from the ground,except two massive sets of quartz stair curving towards the capital.The buildings and architecture glowed beautifully with rare crystals and gold,usually having elven symbols on them.One day,a massive horde of orcs raided the village.Many were killed,but luckily damage to the city was minimal.This allowed its inhabitants to restore it to its proper glory,however they still mourned for those who had died protecting the city from the orcs.Their king ordered decreed that military would be heightened,and eventually Kura served as a night.As his masters squire,he helped slaughter the orc settlement that was responsible for the slaughter of the citizens of his beloved village.For his valor and bravery in battle his master placed his sword on the boy's right shoulder and said those great and honored words,"I dub thee knight".As is tradition,before official knighthood,he spent 24 hours kneeling before a statue of the lord and fasted and prayed.The day after his master gave him a sword,this weapon belonged to his father.It's name was flora,an ancient word for flower.
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Who wants to rp

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Name: Tiffany ann
Age: 19
Species: a mix of demon/angel, mage, vampire
Gender: female
Weapons: along swords/swords, bows and arose ect....
Likes: showing her emotions thro drawing, helping people, bein out side, seeing people happy and music
Dislikes: seeing people sad, not being abele to help someone and not being abele to say something out loud
Personality: helpful, quiet, shy and keeps everything a secret
Bio: wen Tiffanty wasn't long born wen her real parents left her alone. Not to long after her peasants left her a dragon herd Tiffany crying  the dragon //btw the dragon is a girl\\ the dragon took her in and looked after her  wen she  got older she asked if she could  explore on her own and the dragon sed yes. Wen she left she stayed in the shadows and stayed quiet.
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name: Gollum
age: 17 (since being created)
gender: male
race: construct
personality: calm slow speaking highly intelligent
powers: none
weapons: none but will use my fists
alignment: neutral
bio: I was... created to protect the life that thrives in my home... I don't like this war... nor do I sympathize with... anyone or any side... I am.. protector of this land... and I refuse to let the beauty... of the life... be killed I will be destroyed.... before I surrender

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Hey its me Juuzou Suzuya the Demigod

Name:Ragna BloodEdge
Nickname: The God of Destruction
Age: 19
Skills:Cooking and cleaning
Personality: Happy,serious,careful,and Dark
Skin Tone:Tan
Facial Features: My eyes sometimes glow red
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: Black
Weapons:Black Onslaught
Magic Type: Elemental

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(If I am missing something please tell me)
Name: blight
Species: human
Powers: pestilence magic, has a special armor (armor is called dragon's curse)
Weapons: a huge sword named killer (it has its own mind and can talk to people)
Bio: when I was a kid I wondered into the forest and found a dying dragon. He said I curse you with the armor of dragons then changed it a spirit and went inside my body and it changed my appearance into a teenage boy with silver hair and blue eyes that change and become slit and red like a dragon's when the armor is on me. A few years later I found killer stuck it a crystal wall when I explored a cave 
Alignment: good
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Walks around in the forest completely lost

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NameThe Dragons Rise
Leader:Serrano Attani
HQ Location:Mountains
Type of Structure:Temple
HQ Structure statistics:(???)
History:The Dragons Rise was created by Seranno Attani to house those who follow the code of honour and also to teach those who have lost their way.The ninja and samurai.Many joined,some of them monks,others common civilians,including orphans.
They have built a temple to train and to worship the true gods,the elements.
((+Joe L could this be a major faction?))
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