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Welcome to the CZIP X closed beta group. If you're here, probably you want to test CZIP X, the reliable encryption utility for everyday tasks.
This community aims to share feedbacks and bug reports in order to make a great final release of CZIP X for Android.
The closed beta release of CZIP X is FREE and it will last until we will make available the final release, which will cost just € 0,99 (VAT excluded).

If you want to learn more about CZIP X and how it works, feel free to visit the home page at

Stress this app as you want and share your feedback :)

Get the testing version at:

v0.9.500 (Beta) ready to drop to your phone.

- Fixed notifications system
- Small changes to text strings showing misspelled messages
- Self-locking / self-erasing archives were not getting chances updates after faulty passphrase
- Timestamp Details activity has been redesigned a little
- Minor UI bugs removed
- Added version string in main activity for easier version recognization

This might be the last beta build. There are some known issues, however, but we're working to fix them.

v0.9-beta_r212 (Android)

It seems that notifications telling the progress and/or the result are not showing anymore in Oreo 8.1

These are the bugs we are already aware of.


- Self-locking/self-erasing archives get the chances of decryption automatically restored to "1" on open. That's our fault because we did it for testing purposes.

- Self-locking/self-erasing archives doesn't decrease chances count on decryption failure.

- a bad QR-code scan may crash the app: we found how to fix that.

- App crashes on wrong passphrases

- App doesn't fit 18.5:9 screens like Galaxy S8/S9: we fixed it

- Notifications stay visible forever: we're working on it.

- QR-code scanner stretches the image while previewing: it's not our fault but that doesn't compromise functionality. However, we're trying to avoid that stretching.

- Some text need review

We added the links that allow to download CZIP X for Linux from our website or CZIP X for MacOS from Mac AppStore ($0.99). You can find them under Community info.
CZIP X for Windows is almost ready.
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