Meditation Techniques for Beginners: Meditation for a Healthy Lifestyle
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John Kaweske

Discussion  - 
In a new study, mindfulness meditation was found to be significantly reduce pain not only more effectively than a placebo, but using different neural mechanisms. I discuss the findings and implications in my new blog. #mindfulness #meditation #mindfulnessmeditation 
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Gavin Aneja

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Owen Prescott

Discussion  - 
This new site "Ekkostorm" is great for relaxing background sounds. I will be adding new sounds on a regular basis, feel free to also make requests!
Intense sounds of ocean waves crashing against a shoreline and steep cliff faces.
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The reason most individuals seek the practice of day-to-day reflection is to ease their thoughts and body of the roughness of contemporary life and everyday anxiety. Individuals in these contemporary times want assurance and are finding a good sense of clearness of things around them. To avoid the pressures of the world weighing down after them they planning to gain this from inner rather than exterior resources such as medicine. There are really simple and simple meditation techniques for beginners to learn without the moment and cost of hiring a personal yoga teacher. Most these just entail easy activities such as concentrated breathing exercises or hearing a cd while in the home to lead you to a wanted contemplative state. As soon as understood, one could after that proceed for more information state-of-the-art meditation techniques as they advance along their lifetime experience of mind-calming exercise. So you intend to discover how to meditate properly? Well you have actually come to the appropriate spot. Before I get into how to meditate, I intend to talk a little regarding just what reflection is.
Neglect Fails...

What Causes Human Downfall?
Which Causes produces sure Human Failure? Hiding in Neglect .. Once at night a luminous deity radiating light came up to the Blessed One, and after having greeted him with joined palms, asked this question: What are the causes of human failure? The Blessed Buddha then answered: ...
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Zen Music

Health and Fitness  - 
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+rvsklly rivas :) ty so much for your comments 
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Equipoise in Equanimity...

Equanimity cements sweetly solid serenity...
The Equanimity link to Awakening: Even evaluation is a characteristic of this equanimity (Upekkhā-Sambojjhanga). Preventing both any deficiency, and any excess, thereby securing unbiased impartiality is the function of equanimity. Imperturbable ballance is the serene, equipoised, and ...
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An object does not become an object until you define it. If you remain in the nondual awareness that is prior to thinkiing, everything seen remains as one consciousness.
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Keys To #Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind There’s probably more misunderstanding about the subconscious mind than we – life coaches – would want to see. It’s though enough to reprogram the subconscious mind, but if you don’t understand its mechanism to start with, how will you ever be able … Continue reading →
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