Meditation Techniques for Beginners: Meditation for a Healthy Lifestyle
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How Sound therapy can unlock all your hidden Potential

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"Everything is consciousness."-- DR. FRED WOLF More than 200 years, researchers have been validating the connections of sound and vibrations o...
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A moving meditation for those that enjoy practicing alone or don't connect with Asana Yoga postures
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Are you sceptical about meditation? Some people feel unsure about whether meditation will be good for them. Here's a brief guide and the scientific reasons why we should take some time out of our day to meditate.
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A poster for around town!  Thank you for sharing.
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Preacher Vs Teacher

A preacher is different from teacher. Teacher cares for his salary only. A preacher’s aim is totally different, which is to uplift even the most dullards. The preacher does not mind to adopt various techniques to bring up somehow, the student, at least to the first step. A teacher simply vomits the truth and goes away. 
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I was just reading this today.... great advice
Do you want the benefits you get from meditation? Are you struggling to actually meditate? We expose the 5 main myths that are damaging your success.
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Houston Vetter

Discussion  - 
How 'bout you?

The results of Love (Inclusion)...
Saying "Thank you and Life works for me" to everything.
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Tony A. Simien

Health and Fitness  - 
Silent Meditative Mind
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About this community

The reason most individuals seek the practice of day-to-day reflection is to ease their thoughts and body of the roughness of contemporary life and everyday anxiety. Individuals in these contemporary times want assurance and are finding a good sense of clearness of things around them. To avoid the pressures of the world weighing down after them they planning to gain this from inner rather than exterior resources such as medicine. There are really simple and simple meditation techniques for beginners to learn without the moment and cost of hiring a personal yoga teacher. Most these just entail easy activities such as concentrated breathing exercises or hearing a cd while in the home to lead you to a wanted contemplative state. As soon as understood, one could after that proceed for more information state-of-the-art meditation techniques as they advance along their lifetime experience of mind-calming exercise. So you intend to discover how to meditate properly? Well you have actually come to the appropriate spot. Before I get into how to meditate, I intend to talk a little regarding just what reflection is.

Origin and Purpose of Uddeśa Meditation 

 Thousands of years ago meditation started when man were searching for answers to the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence, what the goal of our life is.. They discovered that by clearing your mind and delving into the hidden parts of your subconscious mind , you will find the answer to the most important question of Why? The answer to all our questions are revealed to us by allowing our minds to go into a deep meditative state, to clear our mind from our daily desires and problems and opening it to receive guidance from our inner self. By practicing the original and authentic way of meditation, we will receive clarity and insight into what our purpose is, what the reason for our existence is.

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James Clair Lewis

Health and Fitness  - 
Rimsky-Korsakov. Scheherazade East and West A Spiritual Self-Healing Technique by James Clair Lewis This is a fairly simple and basic technique, which employs visualization, and a mantra for healing an affected part of your...
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See these letters. See the white around and between the letters. See the screen these letters and all the other letters and white space and pictures are on. See the space between this monitor and you. Sense that space. Can you sense the space inside, behind, around these letters, white space, pictures, monitor, you. Can you sense the thoughts, with or without any thought. ., this is an aspect of waking up on the experiential level.
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Narayana means the abode of spiritual – knowledge, He is Satguru

Narayana is very important name, - often spoken by Ramanuja and Madhva.
Even Acharya of Shankara peetham – writes the name Narayana only
In the end of his letter, name of God – is applicable to Him with sense.
Our names are only for identification, - the sense is not applicable to us.
A person called as Harishchandra – speaks always lies throughout life!
Narayana means the abode of spiritual – knowledge, He is Satguru.
Shankha represents the throat, - poets give shankha as its simile.
Throat is the instrument for preaching – the spiritual knowledge.
Chakra is called as Sudarshana, - it means good view or clarity.
It cuts misinterpretations, demons, - similarly Damaruka and Trisula.
Garland of beads indicates repetition – of concept in several angles and
The sacred water jug indicates - the purity of soul through knowledge.
All these six are symbolic – representations seen in six hands of Datta.
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Health and Fitness  - 
Meditation on the geometric Aspects of time
The 2014 Aspect Meditation with music by Rubystone
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Greetings beautiful friends, 
Please see the latest article in Spiritualists International Magazine with our own Katy Simmone. She breaks it down quite nicely regarding the authentic spiritual awakening process. 

"Spiritual awakening activates and accelerates the process of having higher consciousness. It is an expansion of thoughts toward self-actualization & transcendence. It is the beginning of having the realization that you are a spiritual being having a physical existence for your evolution. 
You develop new ideas, perceptions, & awarenesses about life, your place in it as well as that of others. You become more inner-directed rather than outer- directed. That which you may have taken for granted all your life, you may now question. That which you valued earlier, may now seem mundane. Your priorities for your life change and shift. Your ego and its control over you become more diminished." 

Read more here:

-Be the miracle, 

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Baja Aikido

Health and Fitness  - 
We are offering Misogi, Za-Zen and Aikido training for the whole month of February in Baja, Mexico.

Participants who have arrived early or will stay after the camp can experience a full schedule of training.

Our Misogi and Za-Zen will be led by Dimtre Antonov, who has been a long time practitioner of these disciplines.

Dimtre was "joju" at Ichikukai Dojo, Misogi-Zen Training Hall, and Heirin-ji Zen Temple in Japan for many years.

He is a full time teacher in Plovdiv, Bulgaria at ДАЙДО КАН/DAIDO KAN.

The words Misogi and Zen are used very commonly these days.  But if one wants to experience the full intensity of traditional training, Dimtre can lead your practice.
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Vicky P.

Discussion  - 
I've just set up a Google sheet for anyone who would like to connect with others to meditate on Google Hangout. You can see it below. Set up your own meditation session or join one! You don't even have to turn the camera on during meditation with Google Hangout. I tried it and it's very helpful to meditate with a friend to keep you on track and hold you accountable. 
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Derrick King

Discussion  - 
"Don't hate the arising of thoughts or stop the thoughts that do arise; simply realize that our original mind, right from the start, is beyond thought, so that, no matter what, you never get involved with thoughts. Illuminate original mind, and no other understanding is necessary."
~ Zen Master Bankei


Image: “Blue Violet Meditation” an oil painting by...Greg Hand
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