Rules updated today to version 1.4 - just some clarifications and new aircraft added. Head to Wargame Vault to get the latest :)

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Planes for the plane sacrifice tomorrow
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We played today. 200 pts/side.2x Mig 21 & 2x mig 19 (1 each vet and competent) VS 2x a-4 & f-4 ( pilot skills ditto). Missile loads where applicable.

Lots of turning & burning for position, a couple of failed pilot chks/radar locks, one missile successfully tracked out of 4 total fired. One 3x20mm gun attack resulted in pilot wounded.


1) takes 2 actions to increase by one speed increment, and you can start the change in one turn...but does one have to resolve it on the consecutive turn or can the half- completed increase hang about until you have another action to spend (assuming you don't do something contrary like chop throttle etc)?

2)Jason asked (on Discord): If I have a plane with, say a 60° Turn Rate, can he spend one action to turn 59° and then another action to turn 59° without losing speed?

3) Cannon Shots: auto hit, just roll on the d6 table? Did we miss a Pilot Check to Hit?

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They're coming

It's not clear to me, regarding Cannon Defense. You have to spend Altitude to dive in defense (as one would expect), but there's nothing saying that you must gain Altitude to climb in defense. Is that the intent? Just say "I'm climbing" and commit one action to impose the penalty (if any) on the attacker?

So I finally sorted what I was doing wrong with the MT Solo files, and got to peruse the aircraft lists.

Thus is my pledge: if we can have an 'official' CF-105 Arrow, we shall also have an AH-56A, a Tu-28 and a YF-23.

Yeah, I'll design them sometime, but THEY MUST EXIST.



So as i read the rules, the 'short range' a/c (F-16, F-4, etc) will basically be bought 'in bulk' if possible and utilized in waves to represent the different points at which a strike package will pop-up and engage'. in that a unit with a game-longevity of 4 turns simply will not persist long enough to do more than ripple off a bunch of ordinance and bug out whilst avoiding bandits & AA, it seems the stars of this game would be the 7+ range types that can be there for the whole 8-ish turns.
Off base or am i viewing this as designed?

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These are the types of armatures i plan on using for MT with PicoArmor or Desktop Dioramas 1:600 aircraft. The WW2 birds are from a Fighting Wings minis idea i had. The armatures design originally comes from a WW1 game of the 90s called Hostile Aircraft, but i have sets made for up to 1:200 resin.

Alt die will instead be 1-6 hashmarks on the posts. Speed die will sit on the base.

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