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Name: Alice Liddel
Age: 17 (I'm guessing...)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: (Does this need to be included...?)
Likes: ...not much....
Dislikes: Red Queen, Jabberwokey, Hatter and associated (sometimes), Dr. Angus Bumby
Personality: Moody (?) and quiet, but "righteous"
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name:Cheshire cat
species: cat
race: chain
likes:cat toys,games,food,cats,playing with alice and alyss,sleeping
dislikes:yelling,people hurting him,people he cares about hurt,no food
bio: was originally a cat given to Alice by Oswald 100 years ago when alice died and came back alive as a 13 year old in the abyss. As Cheshire was constantly around Alice, he knew of how Alice could switch bodies with her twin sister residing in the Abyss, the Intention of the Abyss, whom he grew to prefer. Eventually, Cheshire was killed by Vincent in retaliation for Alice's mistreatment of him and his brother. Fortunately, the Intention saved Cheshire's soul and reformed it into a Chain of human likeness, due to Cheshire's envy over humanity. However, since Vincent had cut out Cheshire's eyes as a cat, the Intention couldn't use them to give Cheshire new eyes, forcing him to remain blind. Although, Cheshire's blindness was short-lived, as the Intention stole one of Kevin Legnard's eyes and gave it to Cheshire upon their first encounter.

Around 100 years later, Cheshire kidnapped Alice, mistaking her for B-Rabbit and attempting to destroy her in order to please the Intention. Regrettably for Cheshire, his attempt at Alice's life was foiled by Xerxes Break, Gilbert Nightray and Oz. As well, Alice's memories of the Tragedy of Sablier that Cheshire had been guarding for the Intention were stolen from him, and Cheshire himself was left for dead as his Dimension was destroyed. While Cheshire healed his wounds in the lanes between the Dimensional Plane, he watched events unfold, including the return of Oswald and the destruction of the Chains supporting the world. It wasn't until after he'd heard of Oswald's intent to destroy the Intention that Cheshire decided to return from the depths and confront Oswald during his attempt to change the past, in order to protect the one he loves most
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smiles and is with Peter White the cutest white haired bunny alive Peter san you're so cute! (I'm Jade firecat 1,400 years old. and is a shape shifter)
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man Alice is such a flirt! angry 
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When I was walking around wounderland I saw someone with ears and I never saw someone with ears like that in my life so I went to talk to him (open rp)
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Aww! Boris you look so cute! 

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Sits on a branch when I notice you coming and giggles. You're walking through the forest when you hear a giggle from above you

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" Blood Stained Alice "

Alice wished from the bottom of her heart
To have the chance for a new start
So picking up the blade
With all those cuts she made
Finally making her depart

The little one made her way
Without a final word to say
Diving deep into a place
Which did not matter if you had a face
This is where she wished to stay

It's Alice in Wonderland
Traveling along with a helping hand
No longer trapped in darkness
Now she simply seems heartless
But this is not her final stand

She kills without a hesitant thought
It didn't matter if they fought
All of them slaughtered
This place was forever altered
Even when Alice was shot

Now everything's silent
Except the screams of the tyrant
Though they wished not to harm her
Everything's now calmer
For she was so very violent

Alice shall return
Then the people will feel the burn
Of the little girls Revenge
Which will make anyone cringe
All worried with concern.

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OMG Joker flirting with Alice so silly and unexpected! laughs so hard that I fell out of my chair and on to the floor owe!
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I drew the picks of Blood and The rose. Does any one like the picks?
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