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+jade guard of O'kasis

Name: Cayla

Age: Umm idk

Gender: Female

Breed: Hanoverian horse

Herd: Sunherd

Power: None

Personality: Pretty, nice, a bragger, but she trys not to make other horse's feel bad, and she jokes

Rank: Foal

Extra: She has earings and one of her earings have a feather

Looks: Sassy (And she is sassy sometimes), and she looks like a American Paint Horse

Feather color: Brown

Dam: Open (mom)

Sire: Open (dad)

Siblings: Open (Sister or brother)

Crush: Open (Ask and then rp)

Fears: Being hated, no horse liking her, becoming lonly, and somehorse hurting someone she loves

*Bio:* She was always loyal to Sunherd, made a few friends out of Sunherd, and soon she's going to grow up, but right now shes a foal
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