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Jesus loves you ...
Jesus loves you ...

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i thought it might be intresting so here it is ,
Why the commonwealth needs both the BOS and the railroad, the answer to that is complicated, first of all lets look at the different factions.

Institute: they created synths and ultimately are the only faction to plan for the future, but in the end they have enslaved the synths and are oppressing them and can barely control them hence the need for coursers, the synths will probably overwhelm them eventually, causing a mass chaos, even with the code it's not long before their smart enough to beat their programming (they possibly are already)

Minutemen: they are probably the worst offenders in the uselessness department, their order is entirely fabricated on the notion of helping people, sounds good on paper but in effect they are doomed to fall apart due to corruption in the end they would fall apart

Brotherhood of steel: a honourable faction (although hating on non-humans like synths) they are reliable and provide a structure to the wasteland and are needed to keep the commenwealth under order

Railroad: a faction dedicated to helping synths, this faction has really no long term goals but they are essential in creating a place where synths can live free, and a generally better world

you, should get the Brotherhood to destroy the institute while working with the railroad to free synths, but when you enter and talk to father do both the Brotherhood and railroad and join the institute as you work with the institute sneak synths out using the railroad and alert the brotherhood then go on to admit you are part of the institute the Brotherhood kill you but now know where the institute are destroying it, you die as the last person to have known where the railroad was (atleast one who worked with the Brotherhood) the railroad keep people free giving them a choice and the Brotherhood take total control of the commenwealth and the railroad still have a reason to exist and now they help synths and people wanting to escape brotherhood rule, now both the land has law and it still leaves the people a choice.

this is the best way for fallout 4 to have gone and a great way to restore order shame it was impossible to die... feel free to poke holes in this, and discuss what you think

"protection through control"

Brotherhood- imperial military that evolved from a alliance of aliens and humans brought together by a old man seeing the suffering of the race of humanity.

Leader- The emperor
Flaw- controlling and ruthless
Benefit- keeps peace

"everybody deserves a choice"

Eine alliance- a repbulic that evolved from the Brotherhoods ex-allies from when they fought against the World order 1000 years ago.

Leader- president Teresa
Flaw- very corrupt and argumentative withen
Benefit- gives people freedom at the cost of peace.

"people have alwasy wanted nothing more than just to survive rather than fighting for a order"

The settlement- a hidden group of freedom fighters who let people escape from the rule of the other systems and is ultimately neutral,it is dedicated to giving people a choice, their agents are spread act is the galaxy smuggling them into the settlement giving them a chance to live under a non-oppressive or controlling rule.

Leader- Eve garvy
Benefit- gives people a choice to do what they want to do
Flaw- I heavily guided by ideologies and are very suspicious

Society 24- a mysterious group, they are known to exist in a area called the Sea of moons a dangerous area alot of disappearances and strange anomalies have been accredited to them, but most be live they are a myth… although a few people have been found using possible tech of the society

Leader- Unkown
Benefit- Unkown
Flaw- makes people suspicious and can cause issues with governments not daring to head out further

names for other possible Revenant, celtake, followers, watcher society, knight society

please comment more ideas for other factions

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