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Hello everyone,sad leaving this community. I have to many to work with,so i trust my bestie +tawny rose to be a good owner ^^ bye!
+Killerkid1235 !!! 
+Chipscookies PWB/Mariangel Tooontown 
+cyrax OG 
+tomboy 4605 
+Melody_ Wolf 
+Wowgrab Gaming 
and others :D bye!

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αиσтнєя єχтяємєℓу α¢тινє ¢σммυиιту.

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ιf у'αℓℓ ωαииα ʝσιи α мσяє α¢тινє ¢σммυиιту :3

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Name: CanyonRidge 
Gender: Female
Kits: None 
Mate:  None
Clan:  ( Still waiting ) 
Rank:  Warrior 
Age: 17 moons 
Kind, playful, loyal, loving, caring, angry at times, not always patient 

Hi I'm new here, is it ok if i can join your clan, I'm Canyonridge


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go waterclan

Sunnystar goes back to the center of camp and grabs a vole off of the prey pile and begins eating Open RP

Hey! New owner? +tawny rose ?

Swiftfur bounded across the slope, letting the fur wind through through her fur.. And turns to see the ally Why do i live here? 8She hated it here..* (OPEN)
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