I create Applikation too with course Builder,And now i want to implement Highschool-Community asyour Site.
Can you give me any Infos or Tip to do this(Tutorial,Video)?
Thanks And Regards

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must watch....

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The network graphs below are evolving networks of workshop participants. What I like about it, is that over time, the participants started to collaborate with each other, divide the tasks and at the end increased their learning. This happened without them being instructed to do it. It's just a nice visualization of how collaborative learning can happen even thou no instruction are provided and even thou course participants have been trained to learn individual from their previous work experience.
The context was a language workshop from a native american tribe. The work is done by Christoph Horsenthief (Reference provided in the picture). 

A huge thank you to Larry and Patrick for putting this together. It was the first time I fully committed to an online class, and it was very rewarding. The assignments were spot on for making the final presentation of learning achievable.
I'm glad it didn't quite make it to "massive" status; the personalization was a huge reason I kept coming back. Could we shoot for a "reunion" in 6 months to find out how all of our projects are progressing?

Thank you for my first-time MOOC experience.  

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Here is my Google presentation for Bodhi Academy. 


I recorded an accompanying Youtube video narration three times and each time found at the conclusion of the  ~15 minute speech the message "something went wrong. try to reconnect?" Yet another grievance against Comcast. Alas, it's not meant to be. 

Thank you so much, Larry and Patrick. It was a wonderful experience and I am greatly appreciative of your efforts to connect us all and facilitate our growth as educators.

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I decided to write about Roosevelt Innovations Academy in Peru. This small school began as an alternative to the IB program, with the same outcomes, but a more hands on, experiential, entrepreneurial approach. The following is a cross- comparison model based on a Skype conversation with the founder and a perusal of the school's online presence. 

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I haven't done my recording yet (or made the slides), but I'll start by sharing my presentation notes. I'll try to get the rest up by this evening.

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Several hours late, but here is my video. 
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