Preview of The City of the Woods (Short story/ebook) 1# :

Chapter One: Foreigners in the Woods

Once upon a time, In a distant land, in the nation of Slicrany, was a nervous boy named Topher Falconer with his little brother Ollie beside him. The two brothers were picking up at a running pace as they heard the dogs' barks behind them. Carrying a bag of apples, Topher ran quickly, while his brother was holding his pet mouse in his hands. As they kept running away the pack of dogs who belonged to the greedy farmer named Fred Clark was following them with a machete in his hands. "You boys better come back here and return my apples! Or you will regret it!" he yelled in his raspy voice.

"Ollie go left, he won't follow us there!" Topher said in alarm. Ollie nodded in agreement and headed to the thick woods running twice as fast. Topher signaled Ollie to climb up the tree above them and stood below. "Don't make a sound when your up there!" he said silently in a whisper. The barks started to grow clearer and the swinging of the machete was getting louder. "Catch!" Topher said as he threw the closed burlap bag of apples up to Ollie. "T-Topher! Get up here!" Ollie said back to him as Ollie caught the bag. "No, I have a better plan. Just stay there." he said and ran behind the tree.

Topher grabbed a rock from the ground and hid it behind his back and sighed. He peaked his head out a little and squinted and keenly heard the old man's voice. "Where are you, boys! You're in big trouble! Wait until Tate and Oliver hears what you two have been up too! You thieves!" he said loudly, looking for the two boys and made the dogs track them down. Topher called up to his brother, "Hey! Hide your scent, the dogs are looking for us!". "But how?" Ollie questioned. "Just do it!" Topher barked.

Topher grabbed some leftover watery mud from the floor that was left over from the rain that fell a few days ago and rubbed it all over himself. And hoped that the dogs won't find them from here. He breathed heavily in a panic, as Ollie whimpered above. "Shut up!" said Topher warningly. "You're going to get us killed with your stupid whimpers!" Topher said whispering to him. Maxwell squeaked wondering what was happening around him. "Shhh! Maxwell be quiet..." said Ollie worriedly as he stroked his pet mouse to calm down.

Minutes later, Topher noticed everything went silent and peaked from outside his hiding space and saw no sign of Mr.Crazy anywhere. He bit his lip frustrated. "Great!" he murmured. "He went off to tell Mother and Father!" he said. Ollie started climbing down and landed on the ground with a face of worry washing over him. Ollie ran up to his brother and hugged him tightly. "What are we going to do, Topher!" he cried out. "I don't know..." said Topher and wrapped his arms around his brother and leaned his head against his brother's to make him feel like it was nothing to worry about right now.

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