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Hello everyone and welcome to the lovely Hentai kingdom. We have a few rules here that I hope everyone will follow.

1. No text talk please

2. Do not spam any disrespectful bullshit

3. Be nice to the mods. (Don't piss off Chesha)

4. Watch what you post. If it's too much than I will give you a strike.

5. Try to have as much naughty fun as you can

[Strike System.]

Strike 1: warning

Strike 2: called out in front of while community

Strike 3: banned for 24 hours

Strike 4: permanent ban

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This is an rp based around the Storyline of Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (including the Delta Episode.)
My oc being the main protagonist and finding romance with May.
No hentai. Just Romance.
I need a literate female to rp as May, and whatever Pokémon she has on her journey.
I will rp as my Oc and all of my own pokemon.
Dm me if interested or comment in the chat.
Also I will be choosing Treeko as my starter. Just for a heads up.

Keno has just moved into Littleroot Town with his Mother. His father, Norman, was the leader of the Petalburg City gym. Shorty after hoping off the moving truck. His mother tells him to go next door and introduce himself to Professor Birch. When he goes next door, the professors wife informs Keno that he is not home, but he should go and introduce himself to their daughter May. Keno heads upstairs to May’s room where he sees the girl preparing herself to head out and do some field work for her dad. Before she leaves Keno approaches her and....

This is where I will continue from. If you want to change May’s pokemon team(except her starter) then you can.
All I ask is that we have fun and enjoy ourselves in the story.
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In this world there are two species, Werewolves and humans, that have constantly been at war. The humans who fear the werewolves have tried to kill them off but the werewolves fought back with rest strength. Both Humans and Werewolves have learned to use different types of magic in battle to try and increase their chances of winning. Soon, the fighting began to cease as the populations on both sides were getting smaller.

Werewolves sought shelter in the forest and wild lands of the world while the Humans settles in villages and towns. There were strict laws in human settlements that were used to keep citizens from venturing into Werewolf territory. However, there were humans who chose to question why it was the two species continued to fight.

The Werewolves only wanted to live peacefully without bothering the humans. But the humans attacked them first out of fear and hatred. Any time a human question the laws, they were either chased out or killed.

(Y/N) was a young girl who hated all the fighting and violence towards werewolves. You spoke your mind freely and tried to convince the people of your village that it needed to stop. The villagers didn’t respond so well. They chased you out of the village and a few men followed you into the forest to try and kill you.

As the men surrounded you, a young werewolf boy jumps from The shadows and stands in front of you protectively before drawing his sword. His dark blue eyes filled with fiery rage as he took on the small group of men who were almost twice his size. But they were no match for his superior combat skill and magic use. The men flee back to the village as he walks over to you and helps you up onto your feet.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing getting chased by a bunch of jerks like them?” The wolf boy asked you. You hesitantly told him how you got kicked out of your village because you were defending werewolves. He smiles and places a hand on your shoulder. “I see. Well I know that there are those who have realized that this fighting is pointless. How about you come with me to my home? I’ll keep you safe there.”


1. Thanking Your Rescuer.
After the young Werewolf saved your life you immediately fell in love. He was kind, brave, and strong. You quickly thought of a way to thank him as you began to tease him while he walked with you towards his home.

2. Aiding the Fight.
You begged the wolf boy to teach you how to use magic and to help you get better at fighting so you could join the fight. He agreed to train you and since then the two of you have been growing closer and closer.

3. Becoming One (Romance version)
After being rescued and taken to the home of the Werewolf boy. You were amazed to see the village that was set up in the forest. After staying there for a while you asked the boy if there was a way to become a werewolf yourself. His reaction was as expected, he was shocked. However he did say that if he was to bite you then it would work. But it would be quite painful during the transformation. You hastily told him to bite you as he looked at you in shock.

4. Becoming one (Pet Version)
You quickly thanked the young wolf boy and offered to be his companion. He was a little confused and before you further explained you wanted to become a werewolf and be his loyal pet. He couldn’t refuse this offer but he told her that she would have to do something for him first.

5. Soul Mates.
You hugged the young boy with tears slowly going down your face. He embraces you and tries to comfort you before walking with you to his village. The two of you becoming great friends before falling in love. You asked the wolf boy to make you a werewolf so that you could become mates for life and he happily agreed.

1. 4-5+ lines
2. No text talk.
3. Hangouts or Pp only
4. Do not randomly abandon the rp. If you don’t want to continue just say so.
5. No scat, piss, gore, vore, etc...
6. Have Fun!
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Time to find out who's the sluttiest female in the community. I need Le succ and I need it ASAP

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You were the sexiest and most popular girl in school. Your family was rich and you pretty much got everything that you wanted. You had a small group of friend but you pretty much treated everyone else in the school like shit. I was a quiet kid. I was pretty popular in the school mostly due to sports and my reputation for helping others in times of need. I was aware of your reputation and you hadn't said anything to me so I never bothered. One day you were walking out of school on your phone when you bumped into me. My headphones fell off my head and your phone fell as well. They both fell to the ground and broke. You stumbled back and then glared at me. "Hey watch where you're standing you jerk! You just busted my phone! Do you know how much that cost?!" I turn around to you as I give you a glare. "How about you learn to watch where you're walking. Then you wouldn't have bumped into me and broken my headphones. You snobby bitch." You looked at me in shock. "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?!" "I'm talking to the girl who needs to learn that she's not perfect." You haul back and smack me across the face. I look up at you like I'm about to attack as my fist clench and I let out a low growl. No one at school new this but I actually had magical powers so handling situations was a breeze. My right hand began to glow before you suddenly passed out. You woke up a couple hours later naked on a cold floor in a dark room. You had a collar around your neck that was chained to the wall. You looked around confused and scared before seeing me walk towards you as I smirk. "Time to teach this kitty how to be good." You stare at me in fear and you....

Girls only
Be detailed in sex scenes
Please be literate (3+ lines)
Hangouts or pp or kik
Kik: blakedawolf

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Hi everyone who wants to do a hentai roleplay with me let me know and add me ok I'm in the mood of doing a hentai roleplay so send me a message if interested I be waiting blushes greets from me xxx ^^

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His Royal Highness Crowned King of Zochar Reiner Durand, a man known for the power and prosperity of his country, and also for temper. No country that bordered his own wanted to chance angering him. That included King of Etral Damon Emerson, who was known for his cocky, layed back, nature and not seeming to care for much other than sex and his country. The two knigs, though they personally didn't care for the other, were on good terms due to the trade between their countries that benefited them both. It wasn't odd for Reiner to ask for an audience, normally being one to demand people come to him and not the other way around, but Damon did not question it much and agreed.
The day came and as promised King Reiner showed up, coming with a few guards and a young girl. They were escorted to the empty throne room and told to wait there while the Etral guard went to retrieved his king. To his annoyance their arrival interrupted the "fun" he had been having with one of the maids. The 24 year old didn't bother to get fully dressed, he didn't even bother to pull the zipper back up on his pants as he entered his throne room where the guests waited. Reiner looked unamused at the sight, not surpised in the slightest by what he saw. Petite girl, however, has a face burning red with a furrowed brow, looking like she was ready to start yeelling at him. Her big, blue, doe eyes looked glared at him clearly flustered as he made his way over, pushing his hair back out of his face. He couldn't help but notice how much her towarded her, with the top of her head barely reaching his chest.
What can I help you with, Reiner? Damon asked with a yawn, his brown eyes trailing over the girls, small, yet curvy figure and the way the white sundress did nothing to hide it.
It's nice to see you, too, Damon. Reiner replied not hiding his annoyance with the younger male. Anyways, I'm here to ask you to take this girl off my hands. She is a slave and no longer of use to me, and I don't care what you do with her as long as she is taken care of and I don't have to lay eyes on her once more.
The eight year old's nostiles flared and her blue eyes glared up at Reiners own matching ones. She would have given him a piece of her mind if she wasn't worried about her mother's safety.
In sure she is your type. She is also a good cook, and maid. Reiner claimed, knowing Damon's habit of taking any girl that was attractive, regardless of their personality.

((Descriptive male to play the flirtatious King Damon. 6+ lines, long term prefered, and romance. She will be defiant and rude at first.))
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Are profiles required?

Anyone roleplay with me
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