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I lean against one of the walls in the palace in my home land, watching for you while thinking of recent events

Emma headed down to the stables where she mounted her white horse, Lethal. Emma rode off into town, and from town to the forest. She needed to get away from the palace.


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Name: Princess Emma Frost
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Personality: Kind, Fiesty, Courageous, Optimistic.
Power: Ice
Place of Origin: Saratoga
Family: Arno (Boyfriend), Ethan (Cousin), Maryanne (Older sister)
Likes: Snowball fights, adventure, kind people, Arno, the Brotherhood, hiking in the woods, good people.
Dislikes: Fighting with her boyfriend, unreasonable people, the Templars, being inside all day, losing the people she cares most about.
Bio: You know my story.
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I grin, glancing up coming?

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I'm out hunting, just finding something to do really. I track down a herd of deer near the lake, I keep my breathing calm and still as I focus my arrow on the buck. Not realizing you were following me. I keep focus before you....

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Everglades was sitting upon a rock by the shore brushing her hair with her fingers. There was a low tide that afternoon so the shore stretched a few more feet long.


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Name: Everglades
Age: Immortal
Gender: Female
Personality: Extrovert, sleepy, absent-minded, smart, playful.
Place of Origin: The sea.
Likes: Playing with dolphins, messing with sailors,
Dislikes: Rogue waves, violent storms, Pirates.
Species: An Ocean Nymph.
Bio: It's a long story.

I smile back as I watch you.

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I continue walking down the hall

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