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[Do note, your character can not be at two places at once in this rp.]

+nope wanna rp it'll be fuuuun

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im in an abandon house on the side of the outskirts of town tending to flowers and the dead trees oh you poor think u havent had water in weeks what should i do i poundered to myself

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race:half demon half vampire
(plz approve or disapprove i don't wana wait all day)

(Realms / God's, Goddess's/ Demi-God's/ ) 

The Mortal Realm

The realm of mortal's is that of humans who can only exist in this plain, the only weapon of choice the mortals have over the other realms is science. Even so, it doesn't mean other realms do not have scientific advancements of their own. All types of creatures can enter this realm since humans are mainly the cattle to most species. Though there are restrictions to some species in the other realms, some who can not enter the mortal plain.

The Underworld

This realm is a plain of demonic creatures such as, Vampires, Succubus's, demons and so on. The Lord of Darkness rules this world, also known as the 'Dark King/Queen' But he is that of a demi-god creature, or she.  Humans that die have the opportunity to become a demon themselves, and return to the world of man for vengeance or war. The realm is but ash, fire and darkness. Only a true demon can call it home and live in it casually, but this just another realm of existence. Reapers can easily enter this area.

The Heavens

This realm is that of Angles, and other creatures of light, it's pretty much self explanatory, Reapers being a soul like creature can enter here, but are not welcomed. The ruler of this realm is a demi-god like creature, infused with purifying light, a obedient underling to the God/Goddess of Stars.

The Hallow

This is the realm of the unwanted, the prison of those stuck between death and life, a realm of the useless. A realm of the cowards, the traitors, and the prideful. Also known as the death Prison, The ruler of this realm is the Time Keeper, One who can see the past, present and future. This creature is a ruler of his own title with no God/Goddess to follow, The creature is demi-god like, but is not to much of a bother since it's stuck in the realm of hallow. Nonetheless, enter this realm with caution, the Time Keeper is unpredictable and very dangerous.  

The Trident

This realm is that of a giant ocean, with no land whatsoever. It is the realm of all aquatic life, such as mermaids/mermen. This vast water world holds the richest ingredients for potion brewers, but unfortunately only the aquatic species can obtain it, and they do not like intruders.

The Godly Realm

This is basically the realm of God's/Goddesses. Everything here can kill you, and basically over-power a simple mortal or creature unless they are demi-god like. This realm is the most suitable to kill a God in, so if your on the hunt. Bring a lot of supplies and troops!

The Drokine Realm.
This realm is a land of brutal hardship, this is the realm where wars are fought by the Gods, and other. Humans that have died as un-worthy warriors are sent here to forever engage with battle, and to die over and over again. Insanity has taken a hold of most here. The Ruler of this realm is the Mad King/Queen. A demi-god in their right.

:The God's/Goddess's:

The God/Goddess of Light (Open) (Godly Realm.)

The God/Goddess of Darkness. (Open) (Underworld.)

The God/Goddess of Love. (Open) (Godly Realm.)

The God/Goddess of Nature. (Open) (The mortal Realm.)

The God/Goddess of Sea. (Open) (The Trident Realm.)

The God/Goddess of War. (Open) (The Drokin Realm.)

:The Side God's/Goddess's:

The God/Goddess of slaughter. (Open) (The Drokine)

The God/Goddess of Pleasure. (Open) (The Mortal Realm.)

The God/Goddess of Torment. (open) (The Underworld)

The God/Goddess of Stars. (Open) (The Heavens Realm.)

The God/Goddess of Ice. (open) (The Trident Realm.)

The God/Goddess of trickery. (Open) (????)

The God/Goddess of Fire. (open) (Underworld Only.)

:The Grand God's/Goddess's:

Father Of the Gods/Goddess's. (Open.) (Godly Realm Only.)

Mother Of the Gods/Goddess's. (Open) (Godly Realm Only.)

Note: The Gods can not enter realms as they please, they are strictly stuck in a realm and gain power through worship. The Gods can freely leave their realm to step in the Godly realm, but that's about it. The Gods are capable of communicating with in different realms through amulets or worship stones, some can even use your dreams. Each God/Goddess has a weakness that could maybe instantly kill them, but these are to be learned. 


The Time Keeper: (Open.)

The Mad King/Queen: (open)

The Trident: (open.) Ruler of the Trident Realm.

The Dark Queen/King: (Open)

The Purifying Hand: (open) Ruler of Heavens realm.

The Horsemen

The horsemen are the wardens of realms, they can freely enter any realm with no attachments to the gods. They are the creatures capable of killing Gods, and demi-gods, though they are Demi-Gods also. Even so, One of them fighting a God alone can end up with the horseman/women dead. The purpose of these horsemen is to sustain order, and stop any of the realms from falling apart, but they need permission from the Father Or Mother God to enter the Mortal realm, but when a realm is at war with one another, the Horsemen let them fight. They will only interfere if the realm itself is in danger, not what lives in it, so if an enemy tried to turn the trident realm into a underworld like place. The horsemen will destroy those who dare to think of it. 

The first Horseman, War. He/She will charge into the realm first, the horns of war will send chills down the spines of those around. War is simply the warning sign, a sign to show that they may fight but they may not corrupt the realm of its original nature. 

War's purpose is to observe the rulers of realms, to question them and to be sure they are not trying to change the very world around them. However, all the horsemen can freely kill if they feel threatened by a target or if they find it wise to destroy them. War is the judge. 

The Next horsemen is famine, When war declares a realm to be purified. Famine will arrive, and destroy the land, corrupting it, and letting the life suffer and wither out. Famine will shorten the supplies needed to keep life in the realm, and eventually turn the realm to a ghost land. Famine then allows the realm to regrow, so it may return to its original state before it was disrupted by those who roamed before. Famines duty is to ironically keep the realms in healthy shape, to weed out anything that may disrupt it unless the realm itself naturally shifting. Famine is but the Guardian.

Pestilence is much like war, though slightly different, While war judges the realm rulers and species, Pestilence punishes them. Pestilence is not the death bringer, but the torturer near death, he is what makes suffering, the essence of disease and rot. Pestilence will arrive when war summons him, he will plague the realm, to cause all life to suffer as punishment for their crimes. His duty is simply to punish the ones who threaten the realm, to curse them with a sickness that will not take their life....because that's a privileged. However, pestilence does take life occasionally, but that is due to unknown reasons.

Death, His job is simple. He is to keep balance between life and death, he is to make sure all souls remain in the proper flow that is divided by realms. Only Death can see the the soul flow, only death can see the life span of a creature or other. Death will kill specific targets that in danger a realm, or the flow of souls. He is the assassin. 

War: +Cynical King Samiel 
Famine: +Celestine Ysane 
Pestilence: Nope.
Death: +Yuzuki Yami 

[Also, This is not a community like Temple of Role play or so on. This community is more suitable to the detailed and those who are well knowledge in role play rules. Basically this rp is ruthless. Yeh. Idk how blunt I can be.]

Look over the links, tag a mod or owner. We will reply to questions, but if your questions are.... simple. It will show your probably not age appropriate for this community or you don't understand rp very well. In that case, take no offence or do. I suggest another community that is better for those of you to understand, I got no problem with you, but for this communities lore and nature in itself, chances are you will not do to well here. Those who want to try and improve their skill or so on, please come by and your best.

[alrighty, Update time. Mods, any last requests for this update? then we will se how it goes and eventually update it again.]

can my oc be a fallen angle aka a dark elf 

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"As a young Child I've learned that on wrongs,swift vengeance awaits...but is that the case? Most of the time it isn't."

Name: Drake Malakhar Kenway

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Species: Demon

Blood type: D+

Acquired skills in experience: Parkour,mixed martial arts,Fire Control Mastery and multiple weapons training.

Appearance: Drake is a handsome man in appearance,However that doesn't matter to him. He has soul piercing red eyes that intimidate even the greatest of fighters. His hair is pitch Black,like the night sky itself. His usual outfit is a long leather jacket passing his knees that trails behind him, and the collar He leaves popped up so He can conceal a bit of his face. Occasionally Though He wears his armor that He used when He was in Hell,serving as a Warrior.

Weaponry: Other than his Fire Control, Drake's weapons Are his Signature Blood katana, which got it's name from the Black blades edge turning red from it's Many victims...but He also took after the humans and bought himself a matching Glock 18 to protect himself after a Trip to Compton.

Bio: As a young man in Hell He became a solider, bred for war and battle. He was trained from the Age of 13 and completed his training at 19. He fought in many wars as He was Well known throughout the underworld. That is...until an incident. He was a cocky boy at the time,so He found himself a Girl. What He didn't know,was that this Girl was the Demon lord's Daughter! He slept with her one night as the Lord walked in. When He saw Drake He casted him out of the Underworld and into the mortal streets. And at that very moment Drake knew.....He Fucked up.
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Name : Jayla Fly



Race: Vampire

Blood type: A

Appearance: pics below

Rank: just a Vampire ^•^

Height: 4'1 feet

Weapons: swords,gun

Acts: nice,sometimes rude, sweet, flirty

powers: black magic (ha-ha I'm so evil)

Special features: can make her hair change color based on mood so if it pink: she is shy is it's blue : sad if it's blonde : she is happy if its orange she is feeling : smexy

Bio: was a vampire when she died in 1867
By her parents she has tried to make friends but they think she is too weird :( and she is bullied she use to go to a school named Vampire life but she hot kicked out for talking to much so now she has to accept her new life


Vampires are very fast, strong, agile and contain very good sense's in smell, taste, sight and hearing. Vampires thrive on blood, in order to live, A vampires blood can heal wounded people or other. If some one drinks a vampires blood, the vampire can emotionally sense when the one who contains their blood is in danger'd or other. A vampire can Hypnotize humans to do as they want.

Sunlight: This can turn a vampire to a roast, weakening them to the point of being physically useless. They will eventually die with in two hours of exposure. 

Silver: It can burn a vampires skin, rendering them useless in movement, depending where you place the silver and with what amount. A strong vampire would require a good amount of silver.

Wood: If a vampire is stabbed in the heart with wood, they will die. Then explode to dust, though younger vampires turn to goo
times better than a vampire, and are as strong as vampires, Vampires are faster though. Even so, if a lycan is in a pack, vampires are in danger. 

 hair only changes colors you should stay away or she will bite when it's red if it's blonde she is flirting with you if it's blue she is sad orange is smexy that's rare pink is shy or flirty

( parents)-open~ (vampires only)

her life was: her life was a mess not to mention she was bullied everyone hated her !

Love life: hasn't had one yet :(

Relations: father,sister,job,grandmother
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